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Hi! Name's Jackie! I love to write! Not very good at it, but that's what practice is for. I love romance, slice-of-life and comedy fics.Thanks for sticking with it!


Remind me to never get excited about anything. · 9:52am Feb 12th, 2017

That IT job didn't work out. Apparently, I wasn't 'corporate material'. Something about my boss being so shocked that I didn't think a small monitor problem required immediate attention and then her expecting me to learn how her network was set-up from top to bottom without any access or instruction.

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I write lesbians 'cuz I am lesbians.

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Eh, why not? Have a follow!

Thank you very much for the watch! :moustache: I hope you can enjoy my projects! :rainbowkiss: Cheers and cheese for you! Stay awesome! :scootangel:

Thanks for the fave on my fic

I think it's 45 acres, but I could be wrong (still it's a lot of bush :trollestia:).
That's because they're nocturnal. The only reason we saw them was because my dad was shaking the dead birch tree they were sleeping in.
We also came up there to help cut, split and pile wood for my grandma (who uses a wood stove to heat her house).
But thanks.:twilightsmile:

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