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Booping, romance, silly stuff, drama, I write it all. Mostly just booping, though.

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Well, That Was Unexpected · 3:56am Yesterday

When I put up The Two Trixies, I wasn't 100% sure how it would do. Well, no, that's a lie. It felt like the story might actually have a chance to bomb and replace Memories in the Stars as my worst performing story. That's not what happened, though. No, the entry ended up doing very well, being my first story to reach the top of the feature box since, ehh, I think Discord Finds Out If Pinkie Is A Draconequus. And that was some time ago.

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If it's not too much trouble can you write when twilight run away with king sombra after kiss of darkness i want to know what happen to her then please and thank you

It's based on the Flash game "Story of the Blanks", and it's a sorta-sequel to that game, mostly involving Apple Bloom and the haunted village she came across in it, Sunny Town. There, the villagers all believe cutie marks to be curses(it should be mentioned that this was made WAY back, like 2011 or 2012) and also have a tendency to want any blank flank visitors to stay there forever...

It's a combination of sad and slice of life.

2058713 What is Blanked about?

If you want to see more writing from me on this site, go look at "Blanked" by Salnalus. I wrote the latest chapter and had help in another(which I forgot :P ).

As for Legends of Equestria, it's a fan made MMO that I'm writing for. It's in development, of course :P but I've been working on it ever since I was hired in late 2014. Honestly, because of this game, 2015 has been my most productive year of writing, ever.

  • Viewing 51 - 55 of 55
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