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Hey all,

I've finally started writing stories.

I have so many ideas I want to fleshen out into fiction but it's just the lack of time that's hurting production.

Recently my graphics card got busted so I took out the fan. It's running at a smooth 60 C (140 F) when not playing games. So, it's basically terminal unless I get a new fan that doesn't sound like aircraft taking off. It's an NVidea GeForce 220. It only renders cave paintings.

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FreeHomeBrews Fimfiction Page

Hey all! Welcome to my Fimfiction page!

Back in 2012 I started small a fanfiction reading podcast with VA's to help out with the voices. It lasted 'till 2016 and it's been fun. Learned quite a bit along the way, including audio tech, programming audio software, and of course running podcasts.

We had over 600 recordings which are now locked away in a hard drive that has section errors. If I can fix it some day, those will be unlocked once more.

Anyway, I've always enjoyed helping out people in need of a tutor so currently I tutor people in writing stories on this site. I am currently tutoring ShimmeringSun by being her editor for Aftermath Of The Formal.

I'm a fairly strict and no-nonsense tutor/editor. Don't bother if you can't spell right, don't understand grammar or have a vocabulary of fewer than about 5000 words. That's something you can learn for free any day. I can give you tips on that, but I won't be teaching you that myself. I primarily teach about three levels of story metas, different ways to structure the stories, techniques such as foreshadowing or less-is-more, using actions to replace dialogue, reporting vs directing, idiomatic phrasing, the works.

I also teach you how to argue your case both through your story telling and to me or an audience. If you can't drum up five good reasons to include something in your story it probably won't make the cut anyway. It'll save you the trouble of writing nonsense.

The criticism I provide is solely constructive. If you can't take criticism, you can't grow as an artist and you'll struggle to be a decent writer. I strive to always praise the positive development of budding authors.

That being said, I do have a good sense of humor, a ton of patience and a passion to seeing my pupils succeed in mastering the art of writing. If you think you can be a proper author, feel free to get in touch.

With Love and Kindness

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Hi All,

ShimmeringSun here, I would just like to leave a review on Home Brew’s user page as he is offering editing services. I have been working with Home Brew for over a year now, and I can say that because of him, I have greatly improved with my writing skills. When I started with him my story was in poor condition and needed a lot of work, now, it's turned into something pretty damn amazing. He has helped me outline and plan everything to get to the outcome of the story, and where I wish it would end. I couldn't recommend a better editor! He is a great friend too!

What happened to you?

Whoa... Thank you for the watch, but... I'm confused :rainbowderp:

We are watching you!

thanks for the attention - I should have another chapter up soon

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