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This is a place created specifically for the writers from equestria forums to share their works with fellow writers from there easily and discuss whatever it is they wish. I created this because I felt it would be great for all the awesome writers there to come together and give each other tips and feedback, share their fanfics with people easier, and just in general make new friends. So come on everypony, join up today and have tons of fun!

Please keep the stuff you say here at least somewhat PG. Please do not post Clopfics and the like, they will be removed.

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Wow, aren't I late to the ball game... At least I made it though.

Hey, I'm new here! I'm from Equestria Forums as well!!

Hey guys, it's me, Pass! Finally made an account on this site. I'm open for editing help if needed. :twilightsmile:

Quick, call the N.E.F! :derpytongue2:

Nice to finally have an account on here! :pinkiehappy:

Hello, Reginald1648 here, and I identify myself as a rather active forum runner here on the fimfiction.net forums. I'm always up for a discussion on the thematic content of a fiction.

Hello! The name's SandShift. A pleasure :twilightsmile:
If you're in need of an editor, PM and I'll do what I can!

Hey guys :twilightsmile:

I am, obviously, Starman Ghost.

ponyundefined here. I'm not much of a writer but if want me to read you work then I'm more than happy (just send me a pm) :ajsmug:

Gee, I wonder who I could be? :derpytongue2:

Premare Geartech Standing by.

Red Leader, standing by.

I mean Dinkleberg here

Summer Wind here how's it going?

Hai, invisible big m- I mean me checking in :pinkiehappy:

Mikey here. :twilightsmile:

If you don't know, I'm Spikethedragon :scootangel:

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