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Booping, romance, silly stuff, drama, I write it all. Mostly just booping, though.


Go to historic Equus Beach for a few days to relax. That was Ember Spark's plan for the coming week. It should have been that simple. She needs the break after such a long year, and she's prepared to kick back and relax. Only, of course, fate had other plans. She expected that.

She didn't expect fate to deal her an unexpected encounter, or learn that something in the water has a certain tie to a threat Twilight and friends vanquished years ago. That was probably not in the vacation plans this year.

A collaboration with Salnalus and Soothing Stone.

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This story is a sequel to An Unexpected Surprise

Several months ago, one of the Mirror Pool clones of Pinkie Pie hid away from the world, afraid of the consequences from being caught. Out of all the people to help her in her time of need, it ended up being the most boastful unicorn of all time. Before she knew it, the clone took on the form of Surprise, a white pegasus, and she ended up with a new place in the world...

Today, Surprise is having a wonderful life as the assistant to the greatest magician of all of Equestria, according to Trixie. She has a friend, she loves her job, nothing can go wrong, right? That was, until the day Trixie and Surprise come back to Ponyville. There, several events will happen that will leave Surprise questioning herself, her nature, and her friendship with Trixie...

Story concept by Salnalus. A collaboration by Salnalus and Soothing Stone.

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It's one thing to come back to Equestria after a long time. It's another thing entirely when your brother's been turned to stone.

That's what Scorpan will go through, returning to Equestria one month after Twilight's coronation. He heard the stories of what happened to Tirek, and he has to find out for himself if they're true. When he sees it with his own eyes, he has no choice but to ask himself a lot of questions...and none of them might have an easy answer.

Featured on FIMFiction on 4/10/2020.

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The town around Canterlot High School is usually quiet...when seven weirdos aren't out saving the world and turning into half horses along the way. That's what one sophomore at Crystal Prep thought when she came here. It was almost the perfect picture of a serene, small town.

Until recently.

Nobody knows what it is, but there's been something roaming the streets at night. She has no idea what it is, and neither does her new friend. All they know is that something is out there.

These are the logs between friends as they find out what's happening.

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Decades from now, Twilight and her friends will all be in different positions, exploring new career paths, and still remaining friends throughout it all.

But there was a moment one year after Twilight's coronation where there was a hint of doubt if their friendships were over. Pinkie, the rest of the Mane 6, and Starlight, had the anniversary sneak up on them. With life getting crazier for all of them, the day came as a surprise. They know they have to do something about it. Given Pinkie's in the group, there's only one way to celebrate the day.

This is the story of a day that ended up being crucial for their friendships, whenever they realized it or not.

Featured on FIMFiction on 11/15/2019. Featured on Equestria Daily on 12/20/2019.

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Celestia and Luna are back from their vacation. Now that retirement is fast approaching, Celestia's a little antsy about what to do with her free time. When she looks back at all the memories she had, she suddenly gets an idea. Maybe she should try out something she did before, something she thought she hated the first time around....

Luna's not going to like it.

Edited with the help of Salnalus. Featured on 8/16/2019.

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This story is a sequel to How To Raise A Kirin In 12,371 Steps

Kunzite was the daughter of Twilight and Spike. An Equestrian Kirin, carrying the traits of her parents in a form rumored to never exist. Moonstone was the son of the Dragon Lord Ember. Just as tough as any dragon, but something unseen set him apart. They seemed to be as different as they could, but like their generation before them, they would still find common ground. Namely, the feeling that they would need to work together to stop a threat in the future.

As it turned out, Autumn Blaze has been hard at work uniting all the kirin tribes over the years. It's gone rather well, except she's had difficulty finding where two of the tribes have gone. When a stray kirin comes out of hiding and claims she ran away from the lost tribes, Kunzite thinks that might be worth investigating. Roping Moonstone into it, the three of them set out to find what happened to the kirin village, not sure what they'll find...

Part 3 of the My Little Kirin saga, set 21 years after Shadow Play. Reading the first two parts is not required, and you can read the Recap if you want to start here, or just need a refresher. Part 1, Spike Finds Love At Last, can be found here. Part 2, How To Raise A Kirin in 12,371 Steps, can be found here.

Edited with the help of Salnalus.

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This story is a sequel to Spike Finds Love At Last

After a long and confusing relationship in the future, Spike and Twilight fell in love and decided to marry. The dragon's been adjusting to life as a husband and a prince, but just when he starts to get comfortable, he discovers that Twilight's pregnant with their first child. Fast forward several months, and she gives birth to their baby--only that said baby turns out to be a creature once thought to be just a myth. It turns out to be a kirin, a hybrid of a pony and a dragon.

When Starswirl the Bearded gets wind of this, it sends him asking questions of his own, questions he sets out to find the answers to. Celestia will join him on this quest, and what he will find out might just send shockwaves through Equestria...

In the meantime, Twilight and Spike have no idea how to raise a kirin, but they're determined to put everything they have into it. To say she'll be a handful is an understatement, especially when she unveils her powers...

Part 2 of the My Little Kirin saga. Spike Finds Love is Part 1. However, it is not required reading for this story. Edited with the help of Salnalus. No, the kirin doesn't look like that, just wanted to use a pic to show what they look like in mythology.

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After foiling Wallflower Blush's scheme, Sunset decides to spend some downtime with Starlight in the human world. They catch up for a while, but soon discover that they have something unique in common: The Trixie from their universe helped save the day at least once. Grateful for this trait, Starlight decides that both Trixies should meet up, since they're heroes and all.

And then the inevitable happens: Both Trixies meet up with each other and immediately decide to have a competition to figure out which Trixie is the Greatest and Most Powerful.

Things only escalate from there.

Edited with the help of Salnalus. Thanks to Amber Solaen for putting the Versus graphic on the image. Featured on 3/18/2018.

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Trixie has been hard at work getting her magic up to snuff. It's hard work, but she's made some progress. However, when her friend, Starlight, is busy helping set up Rainbow Dash's birth-iversary, The Great and Powerful Trixie knows she needs to steal the show on this occasion.

How does she do it?

Buying a (possibly illegal) rocket and riding it, of course. Starlight's getting roped into it, whenever she wants to or not.

Cover image by midnightpremiere. Featured on 2/7/2018. WOO HOO

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