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Five years after the events of Shadow Play, things have changed for Spike. He now has a pair of wings, he's the size of a teenage dragon...and he had to watch Rarity be engaged to another pony. Naturally, this crushed him, but it's four years after the fact.

Still, he has several regrets over how he handled things with Rarity. Wanting to know how to get past this, he takes up Applejack's advice and asks Twilight how to talk to girls in a romantic way. She agrees to help him get past his issues, but Spike soon discovers feeling he didn't expect, buried feelings that were there for years. It catches him off guard big time.

The question will soon become: Should he go forward with those feelings?

Part 1 of the My Little Kirin Saga. Part 2, How To Raise A Kirin in 12,371 Steps, can be found here. Rated Teen for later suggestive content. Cover image by Ambris. Major thanks to Salnalus for helping me edit this story.

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Oh finally, an anthro romance with no betrayal, kink or other things too hardcore. We need to chill sometimes you know? :ajsmug:

Who will be Spike's soulmate?

Not a huge spoiler, but you'll kinda see who it is by the next chapter.

First of all Twilight's love life doesn't count cause. repeat after me, dimensional-distance relationships NEVER EVER worked out!!!

Second if Spike wants advice he should go to Cadence.

Have to say it because I'm such a Sparity fanatic, and please forgive me for having this comment. But frankly, instead of Rarity just being all happy and free, and Spike keeping everything to himself while everypony can obviously see a pissed-off rejected/friendzoned dragon that never even got the chance of getting his Fire Ruby, part of me would be saying "Ok, cut the bullshit, Just tell me the truth why it wouldn't work. It's because I'm a dragon right?! Or it's about your so-called reputation." And it's ultimately a exercise in hyprocisy that ultimately it's gonna be a Spilight romance where Twilight is a Princess, and even though Spike is an ambassador to the Dragon Lands, he's practically a Prince w/o the title.

....come to think of it, this reasoning probably shows why I'm still single....:fluttercry:

Second point is...an actual legit flaw. I'll add a thing in the next chapter to address this.

Perhaps that did happen. I've seen a few Spike stories that start with Rarity rejecting him and some of them do have Spike lash out briefly in anger and ask her point blank if it's really his age or something else.

makes me wonder what happened to the cmc and their love life?

I almost forgot,


This feels like some degree of a set up by AJ and Twilight, but I'm not sure how much of it.

I don't know about you but this Misty fellow sounds more understandable than Shining Armor. No offense BBBFF........ :facehoof:

That was handled VERY well. Nice, brother. Can't wait for the next one.

A Rarity that does not Dodge the question. Thank you!!!

Yeah, it was intentional that I made Misty like this. He's not a big part of the story, but given what he did(Rarity kinda-sorta chose him over Spike) I wanted him to be as likable as possible while still feeling like a real character. Having him acknowledge Spike's hurt feelings while feeling bad for him was how I tried to achieve that.

I'm not a big fan of romance stories that have characters dodge things without good reason(you'll see an example of dodging things WITH a good reason soon). If you look at one of my other stories, Within the Seas of the Galaxies, you'll see Luna be as transparent with Twilight about the situation as possible. It's something I try to do with such romance stories, the characters being open and transparent about their feelings, and I'm glad to see my readers are happy with the way I handled it here.

And with that he has finally realized how happy he is with the dorky and adorable mare in all of Equestria. She is so gonna act awkwardly cute when she heard his confession later on. :twilightblush:

and when does twilight relize she loves loves spike


To respond to both of your comments, I'll say this: All will be revealed soon.

Technically, it was Twilight's fault for giving the CMC the love poison in the first place.

in other words twilight will over here spike talking to himself and confess her feelings?

No. I don't think most readers are going to see this next part coming.

Ah, smart people. Why is it that they're often portrayed as having no clue that they're falling in love? It honestly has never made any sense to me. I mean sure, some of them are unfamiliar with even crushes, so it makes some sense, but with those that have experienced a crush, you'd think they'd put it together at least quicker than others do.

Here, it's more like they never really considered each other because they view each other as part of their family. That's something that's going to be a HUGE part of the story soon.

Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! Please don't make us wait till next week!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I didn't expect Luna to go blab like that... Note to self: Never tell Luna important secrets.

Yeah, that was a thing. Luna told Twilight flatout like that because she feared what would happen between them, namely their secrets keeping them apart and becoming unhappy in the process. Spike was already starting to do that before Twilight's nap, so Luna chose to intervene.

I really enjoyed Luna telling twilight. Yes, it was something personal, but this was a situation where telling the truth benefits all.

i be surpise if someone say "i always though of you two more as mother and son" like one of their friends say that.

Then Twilight drops the bombshell

"That is kind of flattering on account of his mother being Celestia…"

And the air has been cleared of tension! But the trouble's not done yet.

this is really good tho it would make that first kiss really weird for them

Let's not forget that they are living together too.

huh i was expecting their first kiss to be more cluncky if that makes sense still well done with adressing the eleghant in the room with the beast with two backs

You almost had my hopes up when you were hinting FUTURE KIRIN BABIES!!! :heart: :moustache: :twilightblush: :heart:

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