• Published 11th Jan 2018
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Spike Finds Love At Last - Soothing Stone

After Rarity has settled down with somepony else, Spike turns to Twilight for dating advice with girls. Things get more complicated from there.

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Eleven Months Later

The Sun and Moon Diner gained a reputation in recent years for being the most exquisite restaurant in all of Canterlot, if not all of Equestria. As one would guess from the name, it was meant to be a homage to Celestia and Luna, and it combined their motifs in a beautiful fashion, so much that a certain fashionista unicorn made frequent visits over there whenever she was in town. Of course, it helped that the food was good, too. That was probably an important thing to nail down.

Adding to the upscale feel, each waiter wore uniforms that matched either the moon or sun designs, and one of them went to a table to see how their customers were doing. “Miss Rarity, were you expecting somepony else to arrive? You’ve been here 15 minutes and haven’t said anything.”

“Of course, dear. I’m sure they’ll be here momentarily,” Rarity replied. “I do have royalty arriving, after all. It is only customary to expect them to be slightly delayed.”

“Are you sure? Twilight is always on time whenever she can help it,” Misty Weave noted. “Should we make sure they’re okay?”

“Misty, I’m surprised at your lack of faith in her. When has she ever let us down?” She waved the waiter away, but she still noted the two empty chairs across from them. “You might still have a point tonight. She’s always so punctual.”

Right when she was done, they would hear a dragon and an alicorn run to their table as fast as they could. Rarity would recognize the alicorn’s adorkable laugh anywhere, and she would also note the handsome dragon keeping her company. Ah, she always knew Spike would look good in a tuxedo, and a blue sequin-filled dress fit Twilight perfectly. No surprises there.

“I’m so sorry about the hold-up,” the princess explained. “There was an emergency meeting with Celestia about a new treaty with the Griffon Kingdom. I had to handle it right now, but I should have said something ahead of time.”

“Twilight, why are you apologizing? It’s not like you kept us waiting for an hour. Nice tuxedo by the way, Spike,” Rarity replied.

“Yeah, it does look good on you. Do you have to get it tailor made for the spikes on your back?” Misty asked.

“Nah. They’re not that sharp, guys,” said Spike. “I’m just glad we made it in time. Last I heard, we’re not the only ones with big news to share.”

“Oh, if only you knew,” the fashionista grinned.

The waiter came by, and like a lot of waiters in Equestria were prone to do, he was in awe of the royalty at the table. “I’m serving a princess? Not only that, but Princess Twilight? Okay, I gotta remain calm. I got this. So, what would everypony have to drink this evening?”

“I’m feeling a little generous tonight. Why don’t I treat you all to a bottle of Fierte de Canterlot? It’s just a fancy way of saying Pride of Canterlot. It’s aged from the year just after Nightmare Moon’s banishment. Should be rather intriguing to see how well it aged.”

“I say we try it. I haven’t punished my liver in a long time,” Misty joked.

“Why not? It will be a perfect way to toast our little secret,” Twilight cheered.

“I’m in, too. One bottle of Fierte de Canterlot,” Spike ordered.

“Very well. I’ll bring four glasses with me.” The waiter nodded and went on his way, secretly fanboying that he was not only serving Princess Twilight, but another Element of Harmony, Spike the Brave...and some other guy.

After he left, the party of four allowed themselves to soak up the atmosphere of the place. The piano music playing in the background really made it a soothing, welcoming environment, and given the history these four ponies had, being relaxed and calm would be perfect.

Misty noted something off when he looked at his guests “Forgive me if this seems intrusive, Princess Twilight, but I noticed you’re wearing a glove on your left hand, but not your right. Why is that?”

“You don’t have to call me by my title, you know. But it’s a good thing you asked.” She brought her hand to the middle of the table. She couldn’t stop giggling, and neither could Spike. “It’s a good thing you brought it up, because I was about to tell you what it is.”

“I can’t wait to see your faces when you see it,” Spike added.

“So here’s the thing...the thing that we were going to tell you, it’s right under my glove. You want to see it?”

“Pffft, you couldn’t keep this a secret from me forever. Let’s see it,” Rarity answered.

“Do you want to see it, Misty?”

“Just get on with it!” Misty begged. “The suspense is killing us.”

Twilight grinned again. She had them in the palm of her hand and she knew it. Spike had to cover his mouth with both hands, just to keep it together. After this long, drawn out suspenseful moment, she finally removed her glove to reveal a wedding ring on her finger. It had a bunch of purple diamonds all over it, with slight hints of green to compliment the design.

“Spike proposed to me just a few days ago, and I said yes!” she gleamed.

Misty and Rarity both gasped at the top of their lungs. They gasped so loud, in fact, that they got a lot of nearby ponies wondering what was going on. One look at Twilight’s extended hand would tell them the whole story, and now they were all gasping, too.

“Oh my goodness, I don’t believe it!” Rarity gawked.

“You two must be the happiest ponies--I mean, happiest pony and dragon in the world right now!” Misty chirped.

“And that ring, oh, so gorgeous!”

“I love the little hint of green on the sides! It’s so perfectly designed. Full of purple diamonds. It must be because you’re both purple, so it matches wonderfully!”

Spike and Twilight laughed and enjoying the sight of their friends going on and on about every little detail of this incident, leaning on each other for a quick hug. They expected some sort of reaction, but never like this. It was just as perfect as they imagined.

“Yes, we really are the happiest couple in Equestria right now,” Spike replied. “Well, I don’t know. You two are really happy from the look of it. But yeah, it took a lot of nerves to pop the question to her. I didn’t do anything fancy with it. You know I’m not good at that. I just went up to her after she was done with her daily royal duties, got on one knee, and you know the rest. I was so nervous the whole time.”

“You were nervous?” Twilight pondered. “I wouldn’t know with the way you were behaving. You were so casual about it. Then again, it must have been easy for you, since you knew I would say yes.”

“Ohhhh, you two are so cute when you’re together!” Rarity proclaimed. “I’m so glad it worked out for you both. I must admit that it took me off guard when I heard you two were an item, but you have such a naturally rich chemistry. It must have been true love from the start.”

“Hey, if you need any help with the wedding or anything like that, you know where we live,” Misty piled on. “With the way our wedding’s been going, I’m pretty sure we could run a wedding or two by ourselves. That’s how well acquainted we are with the process at this point.”

“Oh yeah, how’s that going? I haven’t heard anything about it lately,” Twilight asked. “It’s been a long time since the engagement, and I almost forgot about it. Nothing’s going wrong with it, right?”

“Everything’s going according to plan. I didn’t mean to snap, but you know how weddings are,” Rarity noted. “You have to get every little detail right, and I admit that we did get carried away at times.”

“More like all the time,” Misty snickered. “We’re both guilty of that.”

“That’s true, as much as I hate to admit it. But we finally have a time and place set in stone. We were going to have the ceremony the day after the upcoming Winter Wrapup. As sappy as it sounds, wouldn’t it be lovely to be married right at the start of a new season? It’s almost symbolic, the wedding being the beginning of the next season of your life.”

“Huh. That’s pretty poetic,” Spike thought. “Then again, that was always your other special talent. If you weren’t supposed to be a fashion designer, you could have easily been a poet. At least, that’s what I always thought. Congrats on getting the date down! What place were you thinking of having the wedding at?”

“Winsome Falls,” Misty squeaked. “We looked all around Equestria for the perfect place, but the moment we found those falls, we knew our hearts were set on it. All those rainbow waterfalls, the wide open air, we couldn’t turn it down. Good thing we found a company willing to hold weddings there.”

“Absolutely. It will be something you will never forget,” Rarity winked. “I guess you two will be thinking about your own wedding ceremony soon, won’t you?”

“I haven’t even thought about it yet,” said Twilight. “It’s just a lot to take in, the fact that I’m going to get married! Seems like Cadence really wants to arrange it for us.”

“And she’s wanting to go the extra mile, too,” Spike added. “I guess I never thought about this being a royal wedding, but…” He gulped at the realization that he was going to have a royal wedding. “It is gonna be a little nerve wracking when the day comes. There’s probably going to be a lot of ponies there.”

“I almost envy you two, being part of a royal wedding,” Rarity marveled. “If you ask me, just let Cadence arrange it. With all you’ve done for her, each of you, it’s the least she can do.”

“I guess you have a point. She is pretty good when it comes to love,” Twilight noted. “The thing is, did you ever think it would work out the way it did for all of us?”

“You mean, like how Rarity found the stallion of her dreams, and we got together?” asked Spike.

“Yeah. I won’t lie, it was a rocky road at times, but I think the outcome was worth it, wasn’t it? We’re all with the one we want to be with, and we’ll all getting married in the next year or so.” The princess sighed happily at the thought.

“I’m just glad Spike found you. I would have felt terrible if he never found somepony,” Misty confessed.

“Good thing he did, didn’t he?” Rarity teased him. “Oh well. There is no point dwelling on the past when the future looks this bright.”

Right when she was done speaking, the waiter came by with the bottle of wine. He gave each of them a glass, and he wiped the sweat off his forehead with a napkin. “I apologize, I did not know the wine cellar was that far underground. No matter, I have a fine bottle of Fierte de Canterlot for you all. Enjoy!”

Rarity used her magic to pour each of them a glass of the wonderfully smelling wine, and she lifted her glass in the air. “I don’t think there’s a better time to toast than this. To everypony having a happily ever after!”

“Happily ever after,” said Twilight.

“A very, very happily ever after,” Spike agreed.

“All that and to see our friends have the time of their lives, all the time,” Misty added.

They clinked their glasses together and enjoyed the taste of sweet wine together. It would only be one of many sweet moments they would have with each other, with many more to come. The best part about all this was something Spike knew deep down, that it would only get better as time went on.

He did have a wedding to look forward to, after all.

Author's Note:

If this seems like a finale, it's because it originally was. Yeah, my first outline for the story had this as the last chapter, but it felt...unfulfilling to end it here. I talk up a big wedding between Spike and Twilight and then it just cuts off before it happens. As a result, I decided to change plans.

There's going to be three more chapters after this, acting as the story's epilogue. I've already begun work on the first piece, and you'll see it later this month. Hopefully, that works as the finale this story deserves.

Oh, and Happy Hearts and Hooves Day. :heart: