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Twilight Sparkle was born weak and frail due to her vast reserves of magic. Yet she has ways of overcoming her weaknesses. She’s the student of a Goddess and Death itself, and is the Element of Magic. She’s honestly a wonderful pony, that is if you can pull her out of her workshop.

Sunset Shimmer is the daughter of a Goddess and Death itself. Being one of the few naturally occurring Anthros in the world. That makes her more that unique. You’d think she’d be full of herself, with all the power she has at her disposal. Yet she’s quite a chill mare. Though she probably gets that from her father.

Spike the Dragon has never met his parents. Yet he takes after them to a strange degree. Most find him rather creepy or unnerving. It doesn’t help that he’s a snarky little dragon. Despite all this, beneath those black scales, is a passionate and protective heart. He’ll do anything to keep those close to him safe.

These are the tales, adventures, and day-to-day lives of these three. These Children of the Gods.

Set in the original I Am Become Death... I Am Eternal... cosmology, pre-rewrite. I’m just writing these for fun. They’re just going to be little slice of life stories.

Teen for possible sexual conversations and language.

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They're Sunset and Twilight. Yes Sunset and Twilight. One is an anthro, the others feral.
They're students of Death, not students of Life.
They're Sunset. Sunset and the Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi.....LIght!
Before each day is done, their plan will be unfurled.
By the rising of the moon, they'll take over the world.
They're Sunset and Twilight. Yes Sunset and Twilight.
Their all day compain, is easy to explain.
To prove their pony worth, they'll overthrow Equss.
They're Sunset. Sunset and the Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi, Twi.....LIght!

when I saw that last line I KNEW I had to get this thought out there.

You got the reference. Have a moustache. :moustache:

Now i'm seeing a image of the CMC as the Animaniacs... why does my mind work the way it does and how come it feels like I can never keep up? :rainbowhuh:

I know that feeling all too well.

Okay this would be so freaking awesome, I vote for them act like animaniacs. XD

glad someone used my idea. :pinkiehappy:

My friend, this is adorable! :heart: I'm am extremely excited to see where you take this. :pinkiehappy:

It’s no gonna be something with any kind of order. They’re just little daily life kinda things.

That'll make this even better. :pinkiehappy: and I liked the color scheme you gave this universes Spike. :twilightsmile:

Yes I happen to like black and green.

better then black and blue with a bit of yellow mixed in. :twilightoops::fluttershyouch:

What....? Why? Why is that a thing?

it's the colors of a bad bruise. :rainbowlaugh:

I've had a few good ones so I know what colors they turn. :twilightsheepish:

i am confused on this as well.....

i love it all, keep going and please let them be ship
also when does this story take place in relataship to cannon ie before discord escape, after discord escape, before royal wedding, after royal wedding.....

also ponyville is doomed

It’s going to be all over the place actually. The relationship to specific times will be mentioned in the chapter.

that make this demon pony a happy demon pony

Rolling down three flights of spiral stairs will give you a nice cross section. :pinkiecrazy:

“Oh Twilight your armor is so garish! Please let me-” :raritywink:

“Rarity. You get one spec of paint on this armor I’ll burn your boutique down.” :twilightangry2:

“Black really is slimming you know that?” :raritystarry:

hehehe so funny make me smile,

:rainbowhuh: How did you manage to do that?

I took a trip through fall. :moustache:

Sooo question. So Sunset is the Daughter of Celestia and Menthil Correct? How exactly did that manage to work? Menthil is undead, thus his ability to procreate is.... Nonexistent.

Steam wafted out of her room as Sunset stretched, making quite a few audible pops. She was now garbed in jean shorts, a teal tanktop, and the leather jacket that he dad got her for her last birthday.

It wouldn't be Sunset without a leather jacket.

“GAAAH!” Twilight’s eyes snapped open and she sat bolt upright, taking the pillow with her and using it as a shield. Simultaneously, her horn like up like a purple star and with a loud clatter, Sunset was surrounded by dozens of guns held in violet auras.

Pfft...GAHAHAHAHAH! Nice reaction time, Starbutt!:moustache::facehoof:

“Yep.” Sunset turned and began to head toward the stairs. “What do you want to do today Twi?”

“What we do everyday Sunset.” Twilight said with a cute grin.

“Try to take over the world.”

Wait, are they like, actually evil? I thought Menethil was going to be an antihero? What's this about his daughter and student trying to take over the world?

Simple yet overused explanation. Magic. :pinkiecrazy:

What you’ve never seen Pinky and the Brain?

*slams fist on table* Damn! I should have known!

Eenope. Never. Not one second. Not even a commercial. I was asking that last question with all the seriousness of Luna pre-Nightmare Night.:eeyup:

I don’t know if you’re serious or joking... I can’t tell at the moment.

was that a Pinky and the Brain joke at the end?

Twilight would have Terminator Armor but the question is Assault cannon or Heavy Flamer?

Why not and Arcana Sword and a Relic Bolter? Or the option of both an Assault Cannon and a Heavy Flamer?

I am 100 percent serious. No sarcasm, no joking. I have never once in my entire 19 years of living seen even 1 millisecond of video related to Pinky and the Brain. I re-ask my original question: Are Twilight and Sunset evil, or was that line at the end purely for references sake, and holds no actual relevance to their moral alignment?

Nice use of Hanzo reference.

Simply, it was a joke. Twilight and Sunset are not evil.

Ok. I was concerned for a few moments.

the answer is simple, all the above. and add in other stuff like weapon other races.

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more.

Try to take over the world

If I'm right about who their parents are, that's going to be much harder than it sounds.

So what does this mean for your other story?

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