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This story is a sequel to Tuesdays

Dustin simply wanted to get away from Manehatten, and the life he'd been all but forced to live there. He'd had enough of fashion for a lifetime.

Ponyville must be different right? It's more accepting, or so the papers say. The additional info of strange protectors also catches his eye.

Maybe things will finally calm down. Maybe he can start to have a normal life.

Nothing is normal in Ponyville.

This was Co-written with Thadius0.
I never expected to be approached by the same guy that wrote Headless, not Heartless. Yet a set of messages later, and this colab came together over Google Docs. This was an absolute blast to write, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Tags: Profanity for Profanity, Violence for DODGE!

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No lie, five minutes after I finished writing this with you, I got another shiny legend for my collection.

oh wow, that is quite an honor for a famous writer to work with you.

Well, you've hit a new height - no more time for us poor mortals! :trollestia:

Joking aside, this was a funny chapter with no flaws in both typing and narrative. This slice-of-life is most certainly endearing - letting us know for a moment the new arrivals.:twilightsmile::moustache:

Thumbs-up and fav for its quality.

This an awesome thing to wake up to. Loved it!

So who else expects the betting pot to get bigger before the bet is settled?

I ship Dustin n Ivy hard. Also I say they last maybe a day. And another great work done. Now go make more for our amusement. ~

I was actually in the middle of writing a different story when Thadius0 messaged me.

That one features the introduction of Ivy among other things.

Good *pets a cat like Dr. Evil* Very good Mr dream

Great displaced story!!!

Forgive me for being out of the loop with the lore of these stories, but who is Ivy? I have read all the other stories in your digi-verse group, but I don't remember her showing up until now. Is there another story I'm missing?

I’m confused, when did Ivy become a part of this?

Ivy is actually in the story I was (am still am) working on when Thadius0 messaged me.
I decided to put her in anyway, as I should have the story done in a day, maybe two.
The idea was introduce the character here, give her backstory in Tuesdays (The name of the fic, and continuing with my Tuesday theme.).

Apologies if that caught you too off guard.

No problem, I bet the next story will be great.

You could always go back to the akita and the wolf and mark it as a sequel to surprise for a tatzlsus, which should make these stories stay chronological and prevents future confusion. Trust me, having every story connected like that will keep things organized for the reader; which will go a long way.

And I will do the same for this once Tuesdays comes out.

*sigh* She's just offering to get him warmed up to being a model foe her. Not looking your best there, Rarity.

This is the greatest fic on the entire site. Liked and followed!

You... wrote a digimon story...

With one of my BFF's!?!?


Totally not getting ideas.

Yes. Writing with him's a blast. :yay:

8938513 - It usually is

Dangit. Now I'm tempted to make my own Digimon Displaced.


The world is big. Not everyone needs to be stuck in Ponyville. I have things being written set in Manehatten, and Hollow Shades. Then again, Ponyville and Canterlot are just a bit easier to work with. If you do get something written wanna PM it to me and Dragonfire2lm so we can look it over first?

8938555 - I'll see what I can do. But I must interact with Dustin at some point.

I'll see if we can set something up. :twilightsmile:

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