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Sanguine Dream

I write Characters, not Caricatures.


This story is a sequel to The Father of a Chicken goes to Parent-Teacher Conferences

You’re relatively new to the Equestria and you’ve only recently settled down in Manehatten. (The amount of ponies who ignore the 12-foot tall armored skeleton is actually surprising.) Needing to find some way to relax and center yourself, Al (the liaison for those who have been displaced) suggests doing something, or going somewhere, to just unwind. So you goes to what you thinks is a concert. Turns out it’s an opera. Now that’s not entirely a bad thing, You like a few musicals, so how bad can an opera be?

The irony that the opera is called The Call of the King of Skulls is not lost on you thankfully. But who is this Coloratura that wrote it? And Who’s that mare that’s on the poster? Whoever she is she’s beautiful.

Part of the Nexus-verse.

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god damn Sanguine, did you threaten an embodiment of writing at some point so all your stories turn into gold?

also we need more Flawless Victory, the adorable little chest burster

Good job. Seriusly good job.

You really like playing matchmaker with villains.

Song of durin so perfect

Another mare hisses and shoves a ticket she’d torn off into the mare hoof.


fish five bits out of one of one of your many 

All of the foals looked range from 

"looks ranged"

 death warrants of something. 


 Buster actually manages to pull of f something

extra space

man im dying of laughter with these foals antics..

Windy hushed the foals Not that 

small n

You float over the seats, not really knowing is happening

should there be a 'what' before this?

The mare looks surprised but it doesn’t last eve mere moments,


This is cool imagery

 in the arctic and who was also being eaten otters and dolphins.


“What that ghost form?!”

What was

Much more of this, and you probably going to scream,


She hard dark violet eyes

excessive r

probably a good twelve, all gave her the look of. What are you doing?!

this needs fixing, and tell me is that pony Ink Rose?!

damnit Flawless was still in there, lol
Freaking adorable bat pony too!

has caused you panic to die down.


his i accompanied by 

lost an s

No, mean that she’s the cutest chestburster on the planet!”

this line! you also need an I before mean

 The stallion is question is bright yellow, t

in and an 'a' before bright

Flawless with those perfect lines.. so smoooth lol

Okay we’re going to place this by ear. Sorry Rara.”


I want you to improvise. do what you did the first time.”

no period. comma or maybe nothing. Punctuation is my weak point

t’s rightful place with the King’s tomb.


She begins to sing a song you recognise, however they lyrics are a little different.

recognize, the

You wanted so much to let your jaw drop and the rewritten 


She immediately break her rather 

add an s

and oh hot damn this was intense

 Her dress is soft silky 

switch soft and silky methinks

Well I for one that it was beautiful.”

think before or thinks?

You were locked up like you were is one of the Displaced’s electric chairs.”


Something happened, but I’m can’t tell what at the moment

just I

Also om man this was amazingly good.
I want to know what becomes of these three, especially Flawless. She's to cute not to see more of.

Mortal Kombat announcer: "Flawless Victory"
*bursts out of Shao Kahn's chest*

Nifty! I like it.

i agree with all but one thing: predator 1 was as good, if not better, than 2.

Damn you. you beat me to it.

I've wanted to do a edit on that particular piece of music for several years now.

Guess that's what i get for being a gigantic, procrastinating, lazy ass. XP

Why Thank you! I know I will miss thing even of a few pass throughs, I‘ll fix these.

:facehoof: The amount of things I missed.
And I actually do want to do a legit sequel to this one.

The words just flowed, then again I have been listening to it on repeat for the past couple days. :rainbowlaugh:

I love one for what it is, but I lve 2 for the expanded universe and Predator tactics, abilities, and gear.

I have no idea. This one just came to me when I found.

Oh, there’s your comment. :rainbowlaugh:
I do. It’s a lot of fun.
That it is. I had no idea that it was a song until she sang it. I knew it was a poem, but damn.

This was a beautiful story, just amazing.

Great story. Seriously. :twilightsmile:

Looks like I got featured

yeah, but the predator in it was WAAAAAAY lamer. i mean, the one in the first predator took out not only an entire south american guerrilla fighting force, but also almost 2 entire US special forces teams. the one in the second movie could barely kill a bunch of drugged up gangbangers before getting killed by ONE cop. pathetic really. must have been a young blood

Thanks :twilightsmile:
He probably was, what with the others there watching him.

lol. i just have a mental image of them all standing around cloaked, watching him fight at the end, and when he gets killed they all just facepalm before uncloaking*

I can totally see that. :rainbowlaugh:

Heh, another fun read. :pinkiehappy:

Though I will admit (and it shows my age), when Leoric was having his doubts about Rara loving a corpse like him but still wanting to make it work, I suddenly imagined him breaking out into Meatloaf's I'd Do Anything for Love with Rara joining in at the end.

[The video had to be made a hyperlink as since it is on Daikymotion it can't be an embedded video. On a hilarious note, the official music video for it (which is what I linked) was directed by Michael Bay before he became a movie director.]

P.S.: I also imagined that when he sings "But I won't do that", he means ever saying AvP Requim was ever a good movie lol.

I mean u got feature . My phone auto corrects to "I" for some reason .

Well that’s cool :twilightsmile: must’ve been for a short amount of time

8329474 From what I could tell, it was that groups FIRST hunt.

the ones in predator 2? as a group no, it wasnt their first, not only because of the wall of trophy's shown but also because after the city hunter gets killed, one of the older predators tosses an antique flintlock pistol he took off a pirate in the early 1700's to danny glover to keep as a trophy, showing they've been coming to earth for that long. they were probably there observing the city hunters initiation hunt

8333694 The ones on the hunt were on there to get blooded. The observers were all blooded veterans like you said.

yeah, and as far as i'm aware, the city hunter was the only one hunting at the time.

I don’t know why, but this conversation makes me happy.

same. predators are like, my all time favorite scifi alien

8333764 There WAS at least one other but I think two and what’s his name ended up fucking them up so bad they were pulled from the hunt. Then his hunting the last one down and it going down to a death match ON THEIR SHIP, his asking who’s next when the observers uncloaked, they called it a day.

you sure? pretty sure it was just the one in the movie.......could be wrong though

Out of all the Nexus-verse fics, this one is my favourite.

The tale of establishing and forming a romantic relationship with someone is one I always enjoy and this was just beautiful. I'm looking forward to the sequel.

That’s going to happen.....at some point. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Holy epicness! Even with little knowledge about displaced fics this was a great read. The music choices just helped to bring it home! I would lo e to sit in on the actual show now!

I’ve got a sequel in the works. :twilightsmile:

that was one adorable bat pony filly

This was amazing!
Flawless Victory is the best character!

Why thank you, I’m trying to work on a sequel :rainbowlaugh:


:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Are you reading my mind?

Get out of my head. It’s not a pretty place. :rainbowlaugh:

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