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Kali'fon Blazeweaver has had to deal with a lot recently. Being turned into the Zandalari Troll that she'd cosplayed as was a hurdle. As was having to make a home in a forest filled with wooden wolves, snake-chickens, and scorpion-lions. The worst however was the ponies. Turns out ponies did not react well to things that are new and different. So why was she here at a social gathering like the Grand Galloping Gala?

This has been in my head for a bit. Can't really remember what inspired it off the top of my head.
This isn't connected to the Nexus-verse.
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Comments ( 12 )

This was freaking amazing man. Kali'fon is just plane awesome with how she handled everything. Also Blueblood? Don't be subtle. be blunt that's all the advice I can give ya.

Reading this at 1 in the morning....

I fucking love it! Kinda wish there was more too it but eh, still love it!

I want to see more of this, it seems like it could be a good story. 9/10
The only reason I would give it a 9/10 is because I felt that the story progressed a bit to quickly, but overall it was a very good read.

It's nice to see a blueblood that's not an ass once in a while. Mix that with a dash of humor and it makes for a lovely quick read!

Robot approved!

Looks great. A sequel could fit right into this.

I do plan on making a sequel.

Perhaps a few sequels. I have ideas.

This is good.
Only little exposition but you still able to drawn me in the event.

Yay thank you so much

Most! Also we'll done yet again with a small snippet of story and little development people are interested.

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