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I am the lucid dream


So it's a normal day for me. Dinky's playing Diablo 3 (finally got her into Blizzard), I've managed to get Lyra to play Amnesia, and I..... I'm reading a book...... Twilight gave me a kids book, a How To on magic. No I lied I stole the book from the library because Twilight hates my guts. It doesn't help that I don't understand jack about magic.
My head's killing me. I've had this bad sinus pressure in my head most of the morning, and I DON'T HAVE A NOSE! Seriously I don't even think I have nasal passages!
"Dad... did you just sneeze out a Loli?"
Well, today got more interesting.

A Crossover between My Life as an Eldritch Horror and I'm A Loli?!?. Not considered canon with the original story, just written for fun. Most of the plot came from aterriblewriter, I'm just writing it :pinkiecrazy:
Beware this way lies random. Also, Teen for language, and Sex for some innuendo.

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Aww... You forgot the muffin button...

Nah, I love it buddy! Keep up the good work! I'll whip up something of my own as a crossover chapter after I get Dakota back to her house, and that'll be pretty soon.

8197919 Well sweet! :rainbowderp: and sorry about the muffin button, :pinkiesad2: At least Depy got to eat a Eldritch Abomimuffin :rainbowlaugh:

8197919 I can't wait for the crossover chapter :rainbowkiss:

I pity the poor bastard who first finds out what Eldritch and Derpy do with those tentacles of his. Or worse somebody gives them the idea to *weaponize* it.

8198737 "Oh Celestia.... What... What am I seeing?... Hurk!- Blaaargh!" :pinkiesick:


8198975 I hope this won't be the only crossover.
Like I said in your journal, if you made it as a series of one-shots kept separate, it'll be fine. Plus it lets you open up into other jokes and twilight-rages.

8198993 I'll have to talk to the writer, but we'll see. Honestly I wouldn't mind more. I know he/she is planning on doing a crossover of his/her own.

Great pic the in the AN:rainbowlaugh:

8199001 I say it's fine!:pinkiehappy: I would love this whole thing to be one shots with Eldritch and Dakota. I think I can come up with a way for her to come over on her own way!:pinkiecrazy:

8200023 That would be awesome! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: Yay hang out times! I absolutely loved writing this! The comedy came naturally. More than once, I'd start laughing at something I'd put in.

8200365 Just run the chapters by me first, okay?:twilightsmile: I wanna have a sneak peek!:yay: Let there be tentacled shenanigans and muffin button chaos! I dunno if you can, but have Alice join in on the fun sometimes, she needs some love!

8200429 YUS! :yay: Also I think I could make that happen, apparently I need to reread I'm a loli again :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Eldritch.

Oh well, it couldve been worse.

He couldve been allergic to Poison Joke pollen, and started sneezing out Wuzzles at random. :twilightoops:

8202545 :rainbowhuh: ........ :rainbowderp: That is amazing. Have a moustache :moustache:

You mean the creatures from Winnie the Pooh?

Yep. The creatures from Winnie the Pooh. :rainbowlaugh:

Got it, I think it's actually spelled Woozles. Also, does that actually happen to him at some point?

No, it’s was just a funny comment.


Ah, I apologise for the confusion, I havent seen that movie so didnt knw about the more modern Woozles.

Im old, so I was thinking of these guys.


Actually, the Heffalumps and Woozles were around before that show.

Worse would be sneezing out Ron Pinkerton...

Where did that cover art come from?

I honestly don't remember.

I turned my gaze back to Dakota to see that she was indeed quite frightened. Three of her tentacles were doing their best to placate her, one however, was giving me the eyeless equivalent of a Death Glare. I closed my eye, took a slow, deep breath, and opened it to see that the world returned to normal. I proceeded to use my tentacles to right myself and help myself up to to my feet. I did my best to ignore the cracking of my broken stuff beneath me. "That was a seventy-inch, plasma screen T.V." I clicked my tongue, and took a slow breath in. "So how can I help you?" I folded my hands and cocked my head to the side.

Thank you. I love this sfm! :rainbowlaugh:

Wacky fun! I'm sure i missed a lot of the references, but i love the way you crafted some of those puns. (Not that i would know anything about gothik authors who's oeuvre 'ave 'eld rich veins of unexpected humor)

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