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Morgan never really liked moving. Yet the prospect of moving to a new world where people didn’t constantly stare at her (or silently judge her) was a an opportunity she didn’t want to pass up. So she packed up her very few belongings and started the tedious process of transferring universes. Now all she has to do is get through an interview with an orange pegasus filly. That’s not hard right?

Another in the Nexus-verse. Yet done in a slightly different style.

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i think thats a picture of morgana not morgan tho i have been wrong before

no morgana from LoL

That is a picture of Morgana.

well The fact that its in the nexus verse threw e for a loop then cause I'm fairly certain that its a Hots verse


Oh god the devil himself...
Wait.... What happens when Mei meets Teemo?

your frozen surrounded by mushrooms that will poison you and refreeze you

(happy as fire bat pony noises)

I’m glad you approve.

First things first. This Morgan is fucking adorable:pinkiehappy:! Second. Thanks for blowing my idea of having the Heroes of the Storm Displaced not knowing about LoL right out the freaking window as if it got shot out of Pinkies Party Cannon!:twilightangry2:... or did they discover LoL after they got the Human World Internet? :rainbowhuh:

Third and I know i'm probably going to sound like a bit of a jerk but i need to say it. Due to what i said in the Nexus to Nexus description. This story is IMPOSSIBLE! The Champions got sent not only to the 'mane' Equestria but they got sent to the future! althoue when they went back to their world the did return to there time. *but for Sombra it was only about five to ten minutes worrying where his new friends went* So unless they've been working to make their version of the Slayers an official thing for five years *if you count each season as a year* with no successes then I'm sorry but as much as i like this fic part of it creates a huge problem in the time line! Other then that i saw no issues and it was a fantastic story! and again i'm sorry if i sounded like a jerk.

I thought the Champions were just earlier on in their timeline? :rainbowhuh: maybe I need to reread it again.

On rereading the description (I don't know how I missed that), shit. :pinkiesad2: now I don't know what to do. Though the Slayers were reformed within the season they got there. Maybe there was an equivalent? Or maybe after they left somebody locked onto that universes wavelegth? I'm just trying to find a way to make this work in canon, if at all possible.

WHY is the story a cliffhanger?

I wouldn’t consider it that big of a cliffhanger. It’s just open in case I want to write a sequel.

that answered a question i didn't get around to asking

Yeah, i was going to ask if you were gonna write a sequel

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