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I'm 21, LDS, a Democrat and a Liberal that lives in South Eastern Idaho; my OC is named Dark Knight


It was the first time that I ever cosplayed.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, last I remember is a flash of light and suddenly I'm in Equestria.


But now I'm back... and that pretty white faker of a ruler is gonna pay...
for I



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Dude you got my hopes up on a new chapter but it was just a fix up. Meh, it is an improvement I guess but still

I like the rewrite better that the first try

This is better, keep it

Good chapter. I think i like this version more.

Better. But I was hoping for a new chapter.


fun fact. I'm that mysterious editor

Awesome chapter.:pinkiehappy:

this is getting good :pinkiecrazy:

This chapter turned out nicely. :pinkiehappy::moustache:

More MORE MORE must have MORE!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh yes, so VERY much yes!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

next chapter. plz make sure to get rid of potential threats w/e

Metroplex say this ... PIT YES THAT WAS GREAT I CANT WITE TO HIT HIM WITH FIST get thw reference

The thing I want to say thee most is "MORE!" :flutterrage: There was one transformers displaced that I read and it was about soundwave, it was getting REALLY good, but then it went dead. It only had 2 chapters and I want to read more transformers displaced stories that won't die

6068612 trust me, this won't die anytime soon

6067916 ooohhhh; I take it you enjoyed Discord's beat-down

you my good sir are positively EVIL exclusions coming soon I hope
otherwise it was entertaining just could be a bit longer. that's my opinion

6068981 then that would have spoiled the cliffhanger

6081611 I've been reading the fanfic of this one authentic I'm going to crossover with; I also need to complete another chapter before that

6081611 *author, damn autocorrect

You did a good job can you do more I want to see what happens next

this is good, however this chapter needs some adjustments. since you fixed the first chapter, I assume this chapter will also be attended to.

6121748 If you could point out what my proofreader and I missed, we would be happy to see to it

6122185 it's not so much a spelling problem as much as a spacing one. If you compare the two you can see that the chapters have a separate feel. The second chapter is written as if aligned to the left unlike the first one which is centered. also there's some more spacing between the sentences in the first one, unlike in the second one. because of this, it feels like the two chapters were written by two different people.

Am I the only one who reads this with Megatrons voise? Also MOOAAAAARRRRRR

I hope he's his full size, or regains it. Because the sheer size of the transformers is part of their charm. A part of the plot, even.

Yes! Teach the princesses what happens when you betray a human! Let righteous fury burn through them all!

Ignoring the fact that apparently he was tricked into doing something that actually earned his imprisonment.

we hunger for more

Good job so far! I want to keep reading so badly!:pinkiehappy:

Can you do more chapters please I want to see what happens next and dose discord die

Hmm, interesting. What's Meg's alternate form again?

Because if he could turn into a flying vehicle, that would be awesome.

I suppose if Discord had a weakness, it would be anything that disrupts magic, since he's so dependent on it. I mean, the Elements of Harmony only really affect him because he's arrogant enough to stand still and take it. The charge up time is more than enough for any villain to flee.
Would love to see the big guy show the ponies that transformation (or in this case, charging up) is not a free action.

This is what I thought at the end.

Bumble Bee: Discord.

Prime: KP.

Other Autobots: Discord fans.

From 0:00-1:10.

6234479 KP? Who are you-*gets it* OH TALOS DON'T TELL HER WHAT I DID!

*Gets assassination contract for your death from KP for 100,000,000 bits* To late me amigo.


*picks up audio device* Nice acting. *Picks up ragdoll that looks like you* I'll be sure to bring you your half of the bounty.

6234479 'bee didn't die, he even got his voice back after that.

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