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I'm just a run of the mill FanFic Editor. I spend my nights editing fanfics.

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New story! · 1:05am Jul 31st, 2015

I decided to put my navel story on hold, and work on a different project. It will be out soon. That's about it. Uh, have some music.

(Hints to my new story will be a theme of the song.)

Report GS4 · 166 views · Story: US navy gets teleported to Equestria ·
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Thanks for the follow!

848328 I am happy you are enjoying it so far my friend:pinkiehappy:, I hope I don't cause any disappointment my friend:twilightsmile:



I loved your story Im looking forward for more also ILIKETRAINS :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for favoring My Little Union Pacific my friend!:pinkiehappy:

Hey there, thanks for the favourite on Queen Chrysalis, Attempted Mind Thief :twilightsmile: Glad you like it so far.

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