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Hi! My name is Starlight Shine and this is my Fimfiction account. I am a big Pegasister and i LOVE MLP, if any of you have ideas for what you want me to write, let me know . I would love to hear it!

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I can relate to Moondancer · 4:15am Jul 6th, 2015

I just saw the latest episode called "Amending Fences" about Twilight visiting her old Canterlot friends and making up for her behavior to them. Personally, I thought it was fantastic! :pinkiehappy::heart: It had a good plot, was well-paced, and lots of head cannon and character development. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it! But what I liked most about it was how much I can relate to it. Just like Moondancer, I too long ago, in fifth grade to be exact, was betrayed by who I thought

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Thanks for the fav for How He Truly Feels.

1268225 If you need any ideas you can check out my story about my OC(which is me) in Break of Dawn. :scootangel:

Well, right now I'm working on my first fanfic (that's a secret) which is about the backstory of my OC, which is me. I haven't posted it yet but i'll put up the first chapter soon. As for stories, well I like backstories, action adventures, comedies, a few romances, and other stuff here and there. If u have any original ideas I could do, i'd love to hear it

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