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A group to collect and collaborate on the stories set in the world of Black Queen, Red King.

Canon stories so far:
Black Queen, Red King by wille179. (Rex & Chrysalis)
Gatebreaker (coming soon) by PandoraBoxable (Spike & _____ )
Gatekeeper: Prince of Darkness by InfiniteBrony and Alternate Madness (Sombra & Victor)

The master character list can be found here.

Timeline (Brackets indicate possible future events):
Spring 2029: Binding of Alvarium Rex (Born: William Ross) and Chrysalis.

Summer 2029: Battle of Canterlot by unknown enemy (disguised changelings), Cadance/Twilight discover human world.

Late 2029 / early 2030 Binding of Victor DiVinci & Sombra

November 2031: Binding of Selene/Luna and Catherine/Gilda, Earth receives false sky.

January-February 2032: Rex Vs. Catherine & Anti-changeling League Catherine and Gilda die in accident.

March 2032: Non-aggression treaty between Earth Hive and Equestria.

May 2032: First meeting of Rex and Victor.

Mid-June 2032: Rex and Victor become allies.

[Early 2033: improbability war arc?]
[Early 2033: exposure arc?]
[2034-36: Exodus arc?]
[2033-2433: stable loop arc?]

Known Gatekeepers:
King Alvarium Rex <=> Queen Chrysalis
Selene Drocsid <=> Princess Luna
Catherine Nord (Deceased) <=> Gilda (Deceased)
Victor DiVinci / King Umbra <=> King Sombra

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Pardon me, but what is the overall degree of blending between the two for a gatekeeper if you didn't mind to answer? Is it a set amount, or more so, up to author?

I am making myself learn how to become a proper author just so I can write one of these (already have and Idea for human & sentient being, transformation, and powers)

You know, I've just noticed that Selene's last name is Drocsid...
And there's a changeling in Rex's Hive called Anonymous. Usrs?

Dis gun be good. I love this story.

I so love BqRk that i have to join this group continue the good work

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