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Welcome to the Into the Black collaboration page! The sequel to Into the Black: A Mare's Tale consists of three stories following the Mane 6 in their adventures in space.

"Nightmare's Dream" by Shirotora: While celebrating their recent engagement, Twilight and Curt discover that several humans across the galaxy have began displaying strange powers.

"Gray Hat" by Journeyman: Applejack and Fluttershy travel to the corporate mega-city of Magnasanti to help explore the uses of earth pony and pegasus magic in colonization, but discover not all is as it seems.

"Accord" by Flicka: After the death of her sister, Rarity sets out to join the Emergency Rescue Team. Will she find a reason to live, or someone to die for?

If you want to write a story, send me a PM with a brief description, and list of characters you want.

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378232 I specialize in heroes most folks don't expect. So, really, it all depends on just how crazy things may get.:pinkiecrazy:

What does a hero truly need?

So many ideas boiling in my mind, so little time to bring them to fruition.

Should I awaken Titanna and shwo the dratali the might of a Kaiju ready for war?

Should I bring Sir Knightmare Demonbane out of retirement to unleash the Symphony of War?

Should I call upon the blazing wrath of Lady Amalthaea to bring the battle to a blasting point?

Should I call upon Clockwork King and show the true might of Magic and technology combined?

Should I summon Salindra darkveil to UNLEASH HELL!?

So many choices, so many stories, and so little time to dedicate to them all....

Which do you think would be best?

376465 alright. i wound up getting a new tablet and im even half done with my art for this. i supposed i should get on with it :twilightsheepish: it's going to be awesome i think.

Sorry for the late reply. :twilightblush:

Any assistance you can offer will be most appreciated. The four of us currently don't have any art or artists set, as a few finer details and plot segments are still being hammered out, but the continuity between the four is almost solidified.

I'll add you to the list. If you want to post any art you've made concerning MLP and the like, you're free to post it there.

I read that artists were being searched for. Idk if it's still possible but as soon as I get the super rare drivers for my tablet onto my laptop and finish some things I may want to volunteer. Thoughts on the matter?

I vote instead of writing stories, the Doctor should just come in a save everyone.

Le random post to lighten things up.

328442 ok, but I'm good for now, I'm still trying to think about his personality, mannerisms, stuff like that.

Actually, no one has started writing just yet. Almost, but not quite. We're in the last stretches of the preproduction stages. However, that is only speaking of the main collaborators. I am not aware of others that wish to add their own takes to the collab.

If you are offering up your OC for anyone to use, I suggest you collect as many details as possible and post them in the Think Tank. That's a little forum thread I created in order to post, discuss, and refine ideas into some malleable form.

That being said, there is no guarantee it will be used. However, it is the best way to shove some good ideas into the limelight, even for a brief moment. The more details you have in a coherent manner, the better off you will be.

lol, I'd ask if my OC can have some fun with your stories as a char, but I'm probably too late, as usual.

To clarify, anyone can write an OC story. What is up for debate is whether it is of sufficient quality to be considered canon. If you want to write one with your own OC, no one is stopping you. Just recall there will be other canon stories coming, my own included, that may change certain aspects of what is considered true and false if you begin now.

You have several options, depending on what you want to do. Does your dude what to break someone out of prison? Are you a criminal simply surviving on the rough streets of Magnasanti? Do you pilot a freighter in the interstellar lanes of traffic? Are you a soldier-turned janitor trapped in a tough situation where the only option is to snap all the bad guys' necks like celery?

Have whoever you want in your story, just remember it may not be canon. If you have ideas you want to flesh out, go to the Think Tank and post them so they can be refined into something usable. I have already created several posts concerning science, weapons, and technology you can incorporate in to your heart's content.

Can I have a OC Please I assure you that it would be a legit OC...
Would this be ok?

He is nothin special just a regular OC do anything with him. He just loves to have a silver line to everything mostly happy all the time....

If you put him in that would be awesome!:scootangel:

I wish I looked as ballin' as my avatar does.

This just in: all group members must now where black pants and a red polo shirt.

The magic portion is done, and you are all free to make suggestions or use what I have for your own fanfictions if you'd like.

Next up is likely corporations. If you have an idea for a corporation, now's your chance to get an early draft or idea to me.

I like the games and tabletops that have books of nothing but shopping lists. It does nothing for the gaming experience, but makes it so much more fun.


Well, it helps if you play the RPG for mechwarrior.

The equipment lists leave no wishes open.

Including not only weapons and stuff, but also casual gear. Items you will need in everydays life.

Incoming magic stuff. It's about time I did this.

Wow, that's a lot. :rainbowderp: It's a good thing I'm doing such things last.


Ok. Basically, I thought of three types of shields.

Impact shields, like mentioned before, shall be used within the racing sector. Basically they reduce the force of the impact, during a collision, so the chances for survival inside a racer, if an accident shall happen, are better.

Deflector shields shall be used against both, Energy disscharge from Lasers, but also physical objects, like Mass Driver Slugs or asteroids. These shields, I imagined shall come in up to ten classes, increasing strength but also energy drain, so they can used for different means.

Like Class 1 shields for personal use via class 3 to 4 shields for Fighters (light and HEavy) to the upper classes of 9 (Heavy Battleships) and 10 (Space stations)

The last shield type is meant as a prototype technology, only invented after avols inclusion to the alliance. It shall also help against magical attacks, but uses crystals from avol as a power source, so it shall be extremely rare.

On weapons:

Well, I can create the following types of weapons:

Slug throwers

The classics. Including Pistols, Shotguns, Machineguns, SMGs etc. All guns which use gunpowder based ammo.


Two types. Classical Beam lasers, which fires one single, charged beam or pulse lasers, which fires more like a machine gun on Laser basis.

Gyrojet weapons

These things fire miniature missiles. Strong against armored targets.


Propably one of the meanest weapons. These things shreds solid blocks of plastic to needles and throws them at the target. Not good versus armored targets, these things are nasty against unarmored beings.

Gauss Weapons:

Well, the classical Railgun. Uses a barrel of Electro magnets to accelerate a projectile. Unparalled effective against armor.

Sonic weapons

These are stun weapons. They have only a short range, but can stun an enemy.

Vibro weapons:

Close quarters stuff. Blades, Swords even Axes.

Archaic weaponry.

Well, these are all types of old weapons, like bows, Crossbows etc.

Heavy Weapons:

Missile Launchers, Mortars, Heavy Machineguns


I don't think I have to explain the good old barbecue master, shall I

PPC and Plasma Weaponry

PPC is short for Particle Projection Cannon. It basically fires artificial Lightning Bolts. Classified as heavy weapon, you will need a crew of at least 2 to use this.

Plasma weaponry fires ionized gas. High temperature and power, but sometimes instable which can result in overheating.

More euipment:

Like communicators, Body armor, survival kits, casual wear, etc. etc. You know, not all is used by the military.

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