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You know this stuff? Yeah, it's back

Not my fault you can only write in the middle of the goddamn night

I never said it was, Wade. Not shut the hell up and eat your Oreoes. I have ponies to write

Magical talking ponies. I'd be laughing my ass off if I didn't give a fuck.

You secretly love them.

Fuck no, but I know you do. I've seen that weird shit you read when you think my eyes are on my books. I believe the last one involved those you say are sisters?

How about you eat a dick sandwich?

4.6.2 Bodyware

Any cyberware that is implanted in the chest and abdomen is considered bodyware. Installing bodyware is much less dangerous than headware, and there is much more room in the chest cavity for such technology. Skilled surgeons are a necessity to avoid complications with installation and damage to major organs.

Name: Auto-Injector
Price: 2,000§
+1,000§Reusable Injector
Description: Implanted device that dispense medicine either into the body or outside via cyberware pneumatics. The dispenser can activate by a cyberware timer, radio signal, or mental command from a dataport. Auto-Injectors can be loaded with any time of chemical, medicine, or drug. Price does not include cost of chemicals.

Name: Dermal Armor
Price: 100§ per cubic inch
Description: Dermal armor is composed of a ceramic and steel compound that is intended to disperse kinetic energy from low to medium velocity impacts. Dermal armor can be disguised to look like other substances or textures, but hiding it from metal scans is almost impossible and can be detected with increased visual scrutiny. Dermal armor cannot resist high caliber weapons fire.

Name: Bone Spur*
Price: 5,000§
+5,000§ Retractable
Description: Narrow blade that protrudes from bones, such as the femur and humerus. Retractable blades must be implanted in a longer bone. Bone Spurs can be detected by cyberware scanners.

Name: Cyber Muscles
Price: 10,000§ per limb.
+15,000§ for torso
Description: Replaces muscles with synthetic and polymer substitutes to increase physical strength, muscle mass, and speed. Cyber Muscles can be detected by cyberware scanners.

Name: Balance Tail
Price: 2,000§
Description: Species does not require a tail in order to acquire a Balance Tail. The surgery for a Balance Tile installs cyberware in the hindbrain in order to better coordinate. Balance Tail allows for superior weight distribution during running, jumping, climbing, and other athletic activities. It is much harder to lose your balance when equipped with a Balance Tail.

Name: Bone Lacing*
Type Strength Alphaware Betaware Gammaware Deltaware
Description: This cyberware is incompatible with Bioware Osteoblast Rigidity. Steel, Aluminum, and Titanium can be detected by metal detectors without fail.

Bone Lacing increases the strength and durability of bones by lacing them with certain materials. Higher grades increase damage done with melee attacks due to increased bone density.

Name: Filtration system
Type Alphaware Betaware Gammaware Deltaware

Description: Reduces or outright eliminates the effects of toxins introduced by one of the above methods.

Name: Fingertip Compartment
Price: 700§ + Cost of Compartment
Description: Modifies a finger for one of the following purposes. Can be detected by metal detectors. One one Compartment can be placed in a finger. Compartments can be replaced with a 700§ surgery with a different type of compartment.

* (100§)Lockpick
* (100§)Storage compartment
* (300§) False Fingerprint
* (2,000§)Auto Injector with one (1) dose of drug
* (5,000§)Single shot .45 caliber firearm
* (5,000§)Bone spur
* (7,000§)Fingerprint scanner(illegal)

Name: Augmented Reflexes
Price: 10,000§ (Price is double for each cyberware grade)
Description: Replaces nerves with fiberoptic microfibers that greatly increase the speed of neural impulses. The increased speed can be problematic for those unaccustomed to the procedure, and it takes practice to move effectively with the decreased reaction time.

Name: Subdermal Armor*
Price: 400§ per cubic inch
Description: Subdermal armor is composed of a ceramic and steel compound that is intended to disperse kinetic energy from low to medium velocity impacts. Subdermal Armor is much more difficult to detect than Dermal Armor, and higher grades can fool certain metal and cyberware detectors.

Name: Voicebox
Price: See Below
Description: The vocal cords are modified in order to adapt to a specific or multiple purposes. A popular piece of cyberware among entertainers and spies alike.

Modulation(30,000§): Alters the voice with a certain pattern in order to give it a reverberation or distinct trait. Voice modulation can be detected by sophisticated enough voice pattern recognition software.
Volume Control(10,000§): Alters the volume of the voice, giving the user the capability to double as a loudspeaker or the minute control for light voice commands.
Playback(20,000§): Recalls a voice and replays it via the mouth and vocal cords. Voices must be recorded in headware memory or uploaded via a Dataport. Playback cannot replay sounds that cannot be created by the vocal cords. Playback only restates previously recorded conversations and does not make the recipient capable of duplicating another’s voice.
Second pattern*(30,000§): Illegal modification that changes the voice into a separate pattern. Original voice is not detected with voice recognition software.

Name: Skill Chip
Price: Varies by Manufacturer
Description: A prerecorded set of skills or motions that allows a person to perform a wide and varied range of motions (providing they are physically capable of doing so) without having to spend the time to learn it in real time. Skills may include industrial activities, basic weapon cleaning, or recreational activities. All Skill Chips require a Dataport.

Name: Internal Airtank
Price: 2,000
Description: Holds one hour of breathable air. Tank must be replaced after each use or the tank is empty.

Name: Oxygen Factory
Price: 20,000§
Description: Prevents the recipient from sucuming to oxygen toxicity at any time. The recipient does not need to breathe and can stay underwater indefinitely without oxygen. Nitrogen poisoning still applies in this circumstance. Oxygen Factory must undergo monthly maintenance to prevent Oxygen Poisoning due to degrading cyberware.

Name: MagClamp
Price: 10,000§ per limb
Description: Introduces a magnetic system in a desired limb. Recipient can scale magnetizable structures or pick up metallic items. Removing a MagClamp limb by force is very difficult. MagClamp can be activated at will via a Dataport.

Name: Hydraulic Limb
Price: 5,000§ per limb
Description: A hydraulic jack is implanted in the limb. Hydraulic legs provide much swifter running and strength. Attacks via legs or other limbs with hydraulics cause increased damage due to the increased force.

Name: Cryo-Cool*
Price: 20,000§ x Cyberware Grade
Description: Can be programmed to receive commands via external signal, physical button push, or Dataport mental command. Cryo-Cool lowers the core body temperature to a specific temperature in the space of ten seconds. Such a feature is meant to supercool organs for safe transfer, but has been adapted by the criminal underworld as a means to avoid the threshold of thermal detectors. Improper calculation can result instant death to due massive tissue damage. Cold Environment Adaptation Biotech surgery is highly advised before receiving this cyberware.

a hydraulic leg? talk about having it ripped open when it fails *cringe*

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That's the price to pay for being awesome.

1157302 that's not a price tag that should be on, unless you want to make it far more expensive to have your limbs modified to take that kind of force

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It's the price for Alphaware. Of course it's cheap, as the actual bigger, better equipment is more expensive.

That's only if you don't take proper care of your cyberware. If you don't of course it is going to fail. That's not improper cyberware, it's called terrible maintenance.

1157325 would you miss a kick and not expect the jack to go through your leg?

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I expect it to work. When the fine print says to keep maintenance up or you will die, it's not one of those warnings you ignore.

1157346 and how often do people read the fine print?

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The exact percentage of those that die. Darwin wins, and I shoot him in the head with a finger gun to make sure he stays dead.

1157366 that's why you read the fine print and get the best that you can afford

Can they duplicate people's voices yet?

How far a long is their artificial skin technology for putting over robotic limbs?

Nerve resonance
50000§ per person

An illegal cyberware that can be configured to make a range of signals. Everything resonates. This tech exploits that by being able to crumble entire buildings. It is usually used to break into vaults - Deltaware facilities - Military facilities and civilian shipyards.

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It is possible. That's what the second pattern is for, as it can change your voice into some else's. It is possible to create a second pattern from simply hearing another's voice, but you would need a cyber ear for that, and I haven't made that cybertech yet.

As for skin, biotech can grow you skin if its needed. Normal cybetech looks aesthetically horrible. There are finishes available, but I was going to put that under cyberlimbs, as I am betting they are going to be a hotter topic than this stuff.

Very possible. Certainly deltaware, and bodyware at that. No limb could contain that. However, different objects have different frequencies before they crack or shatter. It needs some descriptional fine tuning, but that can work.

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