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Because my compulsion to do stupid things boarders on insanity, I have started the cyberware portion of the document.

I wish to state right now shiro and I are by no means impressing a set of rules for this collab that you must unequivocally follow. This document I am working on is only to standardize some rules and universal background. You are free to create your own whenever you wish, or bend these rules to create your own. This document is just a tool for your own enjoyment and use.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me talk about what I got. This is the cyberware section of the document, or at least how much I have finished at this moment. I will post the finished document when it is finished, but this is just to let you all know what I have completed so far, and give you all opportunities to add your own input. This is a collab after all, so everyone should have an equal opportunity to add to the world.

You may wonder what cyberware is, well, that's explained below and in the document. If you have some of your own input or ideas you want to add, feel free to PM me or leave a comment below. There are a few formatting problems with this particular post, but that's what you get with gDocs and a text box.

If you have any idea/additions/corrections/complaints/requests/bribes that you want to talk about, leave a comment.

2. Cybertech
Cybertech is the replacement or modification of existing body parts with cybernetic technology (Cyberware) in order to obtain a specific functionality. Most Cybertech is used to replace lost or missing limbs, but can be used for special functionality.

2.1 Types of Cyberware
There are three categories of Cyberware:
Headware is any Cyberware that installed in ones head, and bodyware is generally any Cyberware installed in the torso. Cyberlimbs are both a Cybertechnological product and a classification of Cyberware, owing to the fact that cyberlimbs can have equipment and additional Cyberware.

2.2 Grade
Cyberware comes in varying grades, each with its own incremental effect on the body and cost. Higher quality cyberware is more expensive to produce and usually requires custom fitting, precision surgery by experienced professionals, and time.

Alphaware - Very basic cyberware installation. This is the cheapest and easiest to install, but is not very efficient, requires frequent maintenance, and degrades easily.However, this grade is mass marketed and any surgeon or qualified street doctor can implant this. Whether they are lying is a different matter.

Betaware - High end cyberware that is on the market. More expensive and slightly more difficult to produce and install, but of superior quality to Alphaware. It is more difficult to repair betaware and must sometimes be special ordered.

Gammaware - Custom cyberware. Such cyberware must be ordered specifically for the buyer and must undergo a thorough examination in order to ensure compatibility and proper installation. Expensive to buy and requires special tools for maintenance, and possibly a technician and doctor.

Deltaware - Top of the line cybertech and very expensive. Deltaware is constructed of the highest quality metals, plastics and ceramics to ensure lasting duration, durability, and functionality. Surgeons capable of installing deltaware must be trained in microcircuitry and medicine. Such a high quality grade is not available on the street. Facilities capable of creating and installing deltaware are classified secrets and not available to the public.

2.3 C.I.N.
The CIN (Cybetech Identification Number) is a laser-inscribed identification etched into all cyberware of all grades. Removing the CIN is very difficult and requires a lab with specialized equipment and surgeons capable of altering cyberware. Removing the CIN is a standard practice for criminals, and therefore, possession or distribution of cybertech without a CIN is grounds for immediate incarceration with a prison sentence of six months for each piece of cybertech.

The CIN is used as a means of identification and tracking pieces of cybertech to its buyer and distributor. While illegal, removing the CIN renders the user invisible to CIN trackers. Removing the CIN is therefore a practice for black operations and corporate espionage.

2.4 Dangers
There is always a chance of faulty installation and materials, even with deltaware. Complications with installation or substandard materials, along with malfunctioning cyberware, can cause serious injury or death. Sabotaging cyberware or altering the installation procedures may be an effective way of killing someone.

2.4.1 Cyberpsychosis (Cyberpsycho)
Cyberpsychosis is the psychosomatic illness signaled by one or more of the following symptoms:
Decreased empathy
Difficulty acting or reacting to situations involving emotion
Desire for more or higher quality cybertech
Disregard for physical safety due to the effectiveness of cybertech in replacing damaged biological components

Those under the influence of cyberpsychosis must undergo mandatory physical and psychological screening to determine if they are a possible security risk to themselves or others.

2.5 Producers
There are several producers of cybertech throughout the known and explored universe.

2.5.1 Primary Producers
Zenith Inc. - The primary producer and distributor of cybertech among the Alliance fleet. Although under several state regulations, Zenith has a monopoly on all cybertech issued to soldiers and members of the Alliance. It’s owner and CEO, Anastasis Arias, has just started research and production of equine-based cyberware on order of Alliance High Command. Zenith has access to all grades of cyberware, and through its subsidiary Hielengiest, offers clinics that do implementation to both the Alliance fleet and civilians.

Zenith actively fights against criminal usage of cyberware and street doctors that perform such surgeries.

2.5.2 Secondary Producers
Eden Enterprises - As a technological research and development company that nearly went belly up during World War III, Eden now solely produces cyberware, although specializes in headware. Eden has access to all cyberware grades, but has difficulty obtaining certain gammaware and deltaware products.

2.5.3 Other
NOMAD - The leading distributor of cyberware among the criminal underground. Prices are almost always at a markup, but this comes with the benefit of removed CIN numbers, access to illegal gear, and providing a clean paper trail to avoid the watchful eye of the authorities, if requested. NOMAD has no base of operations, instead preferring to have several small, mobile facilities all over earth to better protect themselves against crackdowns.

NOMAD primarily operates on earth, but does have bases of operation on other planets.

Valkyrie - Valkyrie is a trauma and medical response corporation that specializes in fast emergency service. Although Valkyrie’s primary goal is to provide premium emergency on-site care, Valkyrie ambulances carry the tools and medical personnel needed to repair all but the most advanced cyberware.

2.6 Types
Entries for chemicals use the following formula:


Name is the name of the cyberware. Price is the credits (§) needed to purchase that particular piece of cyberware. Description describes the uses and functionality of the cybertech.

Note: All entries marked with an asterisk(*) are illegal to own, distribute, or implant without express permission from the world government where it is procured

2.6.1 Headware
Any Cyberware that is implanted in the head is considered headware. Although versatile and useful, installing and upgrading headware is very dangerous due to its proximity to the skill. Skilled surgeons are a necessity to avoid complications with installation and damage to the brain.

Name: Memory Headware
Price: 100§ x (# of Hours)
Description: Memory is storage inside the head used to record input from a camera, dataport, or external sense with cyberware capable of recording stimulus (ear, eye, etc.) Data, recorded skills, or raw memories can be stored in memory and retrieved at a later date. Stored data can be expelled through a dataport or wireless uplinks

Name: Dataport
w/ Firewall ~~~300§~~~~~~~~~~600§~~~~~~~~1,200§~~~~~~~~~~2,400§
Wireless Uplink 1,000§~~~~~~2,000§ ~~~~~~~~4,000§~~~~~~~~~~8,000§
Description: The current mark of a cyber user. Basic uplinks allow standard input and output to most devices and requires a hardline to the computer. Wireless uplinks allow access to computers providing there is a wireless network allowing such a thing.All cybernetic interfaces require a dataport of some type.

Name: Compressor
Description: Using data compression algorithms and a direct link into Cranial Headware Memory, data is compressed and uncompressed whenever it is needed or stored away, increasing the amount of data capable of being stored. Compressed data must be uncompressed before it can be understood.

Each compactor rating would decrease the total stored memory by 20%. A one hundred hour stored video with a compressor rating of one will be compressed to eighty hours. A one hundred hour stored video with a compressor rating of two will be compressed to sixty hours.

Name: Master Lock Encryption
Price: 150§ x (# of encrypted hours)
Description: This particular software is used to encrypt headware memory so that not even the headware carrier can access the stored data. This method is popular among couriers and spies, as even the hidden headware hard drive may not be enough to keep secrets from adversaries. The encryption produces 128 bit code upon encryption that is used to break the encryption

Name: Scorched Earth*
Price: 5,000§
Description: Scorched Earth is a custom datachip that, when connected to a dataport, systematically erases all data on the harddrive. This is often used as a form of torture among criminals. The datachip erases memory until there is none left. Should higher brain functions be stored on memory headware, the cyber user can be killed by slow brain death.

Scorched Earth also provides a method among secure facilities and intelligence groups to rapidly delete data upon blown cover. The speed of Scorched Earth can be modified accordingly.

Production of Scorched Earth is a specialty of NOMAD.

Name: Mnemosyne
Rating~~~~~Alphaware ~~~Betaware ~~~Gammaware ~Deltaware
Description: Mnemosyne is a custom microcomputer that coordinates incoming signals and provides a better response time for the user. It frees up the brains ability to process signals for important cognitive and reactive tasks. Those with high quality Mnemosyne systems are capable of hair trigger responses due to their capability to process and respond data that far exceeds those without the system.

So awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Group Contributor

You'll get your gear for SweetieBot. Don't worry. But your doctor might need some pretty deep pockets.

Question: Does this include the adding of limbs?
For example:

Something similar to that, but attached directly to the back, near the shoulder blade area. Or is that too complicated? Maybe I'm not describing it well enough. I have the image in my head, I just can't explain it.

Group Admin

Awesome. I love it.

Group Admin

1060857 That would also require reprograming the brain. The brain wouldn't have the nesesary data to utalize a new limb like that naturally, but with the proper program you could "teach" the brain to use it

Interesting. I always wonder what it's like to have more than two arms/legs. Well, time to jot THAT note down.

Group Contributor

It is possible to do so, but remember, you have to do so without killing yourself. For instance, if you want a new arm, it's more than just loping off a limb and attaching another. You need to match up the nerves to electrical impulses, coordinate the muscles, and implant cyberware in your chest that corresponds to muscles that move your arm. You need your pecs to move your arm, you know.

While that looks more like an external pack than an actual limb, I can feasibly see you using a Dataport to link up with it to make it function. However, to add another independent limb like let's say Goro, that's going to take a lot more time, effort and money. Still possible, however. I'm not quite to limbs just yet and I need to finish up chemicals, but I'll get to it.

But there is always the possibility of going cyberpsycho.

You can if you store the necessary knowledge in Headgear memory. All you need to do is have the knowledge installed, possibly compressed, and have a root directory in your brain that redirects impulses when it receives signals to move that limb. You can also use Mnemosyne to better speed up reaction time.

Cyberpsycho sounds fun.

Group Contributor

Yeah, going Terminator should be fun. It's a syndrome that the more cyberware you put in yourself, the less human you become over time. Most people are fine, but some become cold, unfeeling machines.

Group Admin

1060946 I'll do the limb portion. I already have a lot of concepts from when I was planning out Twilight's prosthetic.

Group Contributor

If you need, I've already got you started on who made it: Zenith Inc.

Now we need a history of Earth and how they joined the Alliance along with was there other humans on other planets. If you need any help I'll help you :pinkiehappy:

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Oh, sweet Jesus, I'm one man!:raritydespair::pinkiesad2::fluttershysad:

Group Contributor

I'm more into the tech side of things. If you want to write a history, go ahead.

Group Contributor

Alright, I think I've given you editing power on the document. I'll create a subsection for cyberlimbs under types and you can put your limb info there.

Group Admin

1061345 I already have the history in my head. I'll try writing it down sometime.

Group Contributor

*Don't they realize that you will be performing all this experimentation on them?*


1061764 Do so, then I can get to putting meat on its bones :rainbowdetermined2:

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So will SweetieBot be doing anything special? I may be able to conjure up some tech if the idea strikes me.

1061869 Hmm, aside from normal robot advantages such as strength and durability I'm sorta on the fence. Part of me says that scientist guy has a military intention for future versions thus leaves space within the chassis for weapons and the other half says that is to typical thus I should go along the lines of him using Sweetie as a guinea pig for testing a full robotic human body which he intends to put his quadriplegic son's brain in. (With the second I could theoretically go into the scientist being well intentioned)

Regardless though I'd need:
- prototype sensory abilities, such as touch and scent (Basic, like it can detect temperature, sharpness, its early technology seeing as even Twilight still has a spinal cord they could tap into)
- Very sturdy frame
- Voice generator which can take her thoughts that would go to talking and create the sounds needed
- The head case must be secure enough to hold the brain and the needed chemicals while still loose enough to look side to side and up and down
- Some sort of nutrient dispenser that hooks up to the brain's case, it'd need to be able to acquire nutrients through simplistic means

The scientist/engineer guy is going to be a descendent to a modern world industry such as Ford or General Motors which I'd expect to still be around regardless, those two and GE. Therefore he has the deep pockets, the mansion, and the technical background in his blood. What I may do is have the clone come later and via another scientist or cut her out entirely after she flees the more well-intentioned one in a panic.

Group Contributor

Alright. Zenith Inc. would be the only one capable of producing equine cybertech at that time. Senses and voice modulation isn't too hard. A cyberskull would be a little more difficult, as Ana would need a thorough understanding of equine biology, something that's not quite her forte. If shiro didn't say that Twilight was gone for a year, there wouldn't be such a time crunch.

A nutrient dispenser would be under bioware, not cyberware. While still possible, it means your doctor is not only going to piss off Ana, but the bioware company as well.

Fun fact, I am producing Bioware as well. Gene splicing, growing new limbs, synthesizing new organs, muscle augmentation, chemical filters, phenotypes, synthetic chemicals; it's pretty much making your own body better.

1062809 How different would the ponies' brains be than humans seeing as they were humans at one point?

Group Contributor

A lot, as they are ponies, not humans.

Group Contributor

1063525 No I meant these ponies, not our ponies :rainbowlaugh: Sweetie's ancestors, along with the rest of their entire species were humans at one point thus their brains couldn't be as different as a real life pony to human or else the new "ponies" would have had extreme difficulty just thinking clearly.

Group Contributor

But they are ponies. Granted, they might not be what we would feasibly call normal ponies, but they are just normal ponies nevertheless. I'd just be grabbing at straws then if I had to go on a tangent for every little thing. Equestria considers themselves ponies, as do the humans. I see no reason not to call them ponies, despite their larger cranium. They are not our ponies, but they are ponies. I have to start somewhere.

I'm going to leave shiro a message. I expect he wants the equines to be on a mroe equal footing with humans. For that to happen, Twilight needed to undergo a full physical by either Ana, or a member of a biotech company. That way, the technology needed for the rest of the collab was already in preproduction by the time, or at least the experimental stages.

Comment posted by The Mobius Strip deleted Jun 5th, 2013
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Just coming up with chemicals, cybertech, and biotech. Just look at what I've gone and the guidelines I've written, and that's what's going in the document.

Yes, I see it. The chems and cybertech is my thing. I'm iffy with biotech. I'M AN IT MAN NOT A DOCTOR!

Well, I has idea ball. It can be for war and civilian usage.

Name: Lumberjack's Aid (It's a shit name I know, but you can think of those.)
Alpha/beta/gamma/delta (Imma put pounds because I'm a spaccy and cannot find the euro symbol)
Commercial description:
Your aid, whether you be a master cook or an expert woodcutter. This tool is for you. It comes with a choice selection of blades and spatulas and all your needs. Right within your forearms, just tap in a code and bam, your tool pops out ready to use instantly.

Edit: You need forearm enlargements for alpha and beta

Group Contributor

I meant to get a symbol that didn't mean anything, but I picked the Euro symbol on accident. I'll have to find some other symbol.

It's fin for commercial use, but I'd say it's a little on the expensive side for cyberware, given its purpose. Larger cyberarms are possible, I just haven't written them yet. Just have some giant hulk arms just to screw with your enemies.

If you want a symbol then try this ▒ as a sort of credits, or §

Oh, that's because it has to move around all the structures in your arm, and bioware is very costly. But yeah, they are excessive.

Group Contributor

I think I might lower the price, but do so only because it is mandatory to have cyberarms. Regardless, I still have a lot of work to do on that document.

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