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Second verse, same as the first

Little do they know that you are going to use all of this to kill them and take over teh world someday.


4. Nanotechnology
4.1 Introduction
The science of creating and manipulating tiny machines. Most cyberware requires nanotechnology science (nanoware), as the microcircuitry often requires the dexterity offered by the tiny machines to complete the surgeries and biological rewriting.

4.2 Dangers
Nanoware science has been perfected over the last thousand years. There is always the possibility of a defective nanite cloud, but instances such as those are exceedingly rare. Nanites are not often used as weapons, but when they are, the results can be incredibly devastating.

Although not yet proven by empirical science, Nanoware has be associated with Cyberpsychosis.
4.3 Grade
Nanotech follows a similar line of price and quality as cyberware in terms of grade. Due to the expensive technology needed to produce nanoware, there are few street doctors and black market dealers creating or producing it.
Alphaware - Very basic and poor quality. Cheap and often built for one or very few uses.
Betaware - High end nanoware. While built to last, this grade has very little versatility and customization.
Gammaware - Custom nanoware. Such nanoware must be specially manufactured. High versatility, customizability, and reusability.
Deltaware - Top of the line nanoware and very expensive. Deltaware is constructed of the highest quality metals and microcircuitry. Unlike cyberware, hospitals and corporate offices have access to nanotech deltaware.

4.4 Producers
Nanotechnology has become a robust industry due to the versatility of nanites and their programmable uses. The industry has massive fixed costs, including warehousing, machinery, and calibration, but for those corporations capable of resisting the initial credit sinkhole and corporate competition, the benefits are lucrative.

4.4.1 Primary Producers
Eden Enterprises -
Zenith -

4.4.2 Secondary Producers
Kageki -

4.5 Types
Entries for chemicals use the following formula:


Name is the name of the nanoware. Price is the credits (§) needed to purchase that particular piece of nanoware. Description describes the uses and functionality of the nanoware.

Note: All entries marked with an asterisk(*) are illegal to own, distribute, or implant without express permission from the world government where it is procured

4.5.1 Gear
Several uses for nanoware are not in the nanite themselves, but them in auxiliary uses. Not all nanoware uses machines, but very small devices or inanimate objects.

Name: Nanoscanner*
Price: 2,000§ x grade strength
Description: Handheld devices that test blood, fluid and tissue samples for nanites. Increased grades can detect more types of nanites and can discern the functionality.

Name: Medical Nanoscanner
Price: 2,000§ x grade strength
Description: Handheld medical device that tests blood, fluid, and tissue samples for infectious diseases and medical maladies. Increased grades can detect further diseases, toxins, other nanites, damaged bodily components, and are capable of dispensing medicine, carcerands, and nanorands.. This Nanoware is only legally available to licensed doctors and medics.

Name: Marabunta*
Price: 8,000§
Description: A nanite hive containing microscopic capsules with a custom corrosive compound of the buyer’s choice. The hive is programmed with a specific chemical compound, so being capable of differentiating one substance from another, it will dissolve that substance and leave everything else untouched.

The nanites can be dispersed in water solutions, aerosol cans, grenades, or other dispersal devices. A single Marabunta hive can only effectively cover 500 square meters. The cost for a hive does not include the corrosive.

Name: Nanowire
Price: 1,000§ per meter
Description: Monofilament wire constructed out of carbon nanotubes. Almost invisible to the eye, Nanowire can be stretched to make elaborate, invisible traps. Nanowire can be coiled into a wrist dispenser, or wound tightly around limbs or objects when not in use. Makes an effective garrote.

Gammaware and Deltaware nanowire can be modified to align it sharp edge on a molecular level with an electrical current. When a current is applied, Nanowire becomes hyper sharp and capable of cutting through anything up to an 8 on Moh’s Hardness Scale.

Name: OrC Op. Med Kit
Price: 2,000§
Description: Designed by OrC Op, this can be contained in a satchel, briefcase, or other small carrying device. Each package contains its own custom Medical Nanoscanner and dispenser prefitted with repair nanites, painkillers, and coagulans. When injected into the bloodstream in tandem with the Nanoscanner’s analysis, the nanites begin repairing injuries and neutralizing threats to the body. The Med Kit is far more effective at healing the body than commercial grade medical technology and generic models. This nanoware is a one time use object.

Name: Mantis Cloud
Price: 12,000§
+1,000§ for neural uplink
Description: An interconnected hive of nanites, each with an independent uplink to a central hive to combat bottlenecking interference. THe hive can be distributed via aerosol, gas dispenser, or grenade. Once activated, the nanite swarm will provide a three-dimensional map of a given area down to the smallest detail.

The uplink can be wirelessly wired to a computer, or a cyberware Dataport and either stored in memory, or displayed in the visual cortex. The Mantis Cloud can be independently controlled via computer signals, or neural uplink. The neural uplink is tied directly to a cyberware Dataport, allowing mental commands to control the placement of the hive in relation to the person.

The Mantis Cloud can provide an effective map of seven hundred square meters. Although the Mantis Cloud can be stretched as thin as possible, thinner clouds provide less details maps. Maps stretched too thin can miss threats entirely.

4.5.2 Nanoware
These are products that are installed into the body

Name: Bioware Regeneration
Price: 10% of Cyberware Implantation Cost
Description: Nanowire must be implanted alongside its cyberware components. When cyberware implants are damaged, the nanites provide low to moderate repairs on the damaged ware. Bioware Regeneration cannot repair nonfunctional cyberware, defective cyberware, or cyberware damaged far too thoroughly to function.

4.5.3 Nanoware Implants
These are hybrids between cyberware and nanoware. While technically cyberware, their heavy use of nanites and nanite software is enough for their own category.

Name: Nanite Hive (Provisionally legal)
Price: 90,000§
Description: A self-supporting, self-regenerating nanite hive secured inside the body. The cost only covers the hive itself, not the nanites it produces. The hive must undergo yearly maintenance at a cost of 10,000. All nanites are destroyed in this process and must be replenished.

The hive regenerates and reproduces nanites within the body. The type of nanite must be selected before the hive is installed. The hive can only regulate one type of nanite. Only one hive can be in the body.

The body can only regenerate nanites at a rate of 5% each day. On average, a single Nanite Cloud would deplete the entire hive. A debilitating wound to a cyberware limb would deplete a quarter of its nanites for Bioware Regeneration.

Nanite Hives produce heat that must be regulated. It is recommended additional medical cyberware be implanted to counteract this side effect. Nanite Hives increase the average body temperature by three degrees.

Nanite Hives are only allowed to medical patients who have undergone a thorough background check. Only Spec-Ops and high clearance government personnel are legally allowed to own a hive.

Name: Blood Filter
Price: 70,000§
Description: A Nanite swarm in the body with an uplink to headware memory. Saved inside the headware is a compiled list of diseases, toxins, and baseline bodily functions. The swarm breaks down contaminants so the body can purge it from the body itself.

Cranial Headware must be installed for this nanoware to properly function.

Name: Nano-Biomonitor
Price: 30,000§
+2,000§ for dermal display
+1,000§ for Valkyrie medevac beacon (See Below)
Description: Advanced version of a bioware biomonitor. Combining the medical technology of its patented Med Kit, the versatility of nanites, and a partnership with Valkyrie, OrC Op designed a diagnosis and self-repairing system for damaged bodily components. The Nano-Biomonitor needs no prompting from outside sources to heal the body.

The dermal display is a piece of cybertech installed in any skin surface and displays medical data and diagnostic info. Should the recipient purchase the Valkyrie medevac beacon, the nearest planetary Valkyrie dropship will be summoned to the wounded’s location. The Valkyrie dropship will be summoned, but will not pick up a target unless the LZ is clear of hostiles. Valkyrie’s will only come with suppressing fire in hostile territory if the caller possess a medical contract of sufficient grade. Valkyries will only come with suppressing fire if the caller pays his dues to the Valkyrie Corporation.

A medevac beacon is the lowest, cheapest contract available. This contract is only valid for one dropship.

See the Valkyrie corporate entry for details on contracts.

Wish I could do something with this here, my ideas are too... out there. Limbs/organs composed entirely of nanobots or whatever they're called. Too advanced.

What about something that can help preserve Sweetie Belle's brain for me :pinkiecrazy:

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I have some stuff for that that would work in conjunction with a few things here. I have about half of the stuff in here.

1083847 Good, keep up the good work. If only the tech could be literally be invented this fast.

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Oh, I wouldn't say that...

Nice to see you used the icon. Anyway, what about

Cost: 1000§ X Level of ware x number of bones injected ÷ 1.2
Platelets are small nanites injected into a bone and stimulate high platelet carrying blood cells, when a cut occurs these blood cells can patch up the wound in a very short amount of time. The cells can even close mortal wounds like losing part of the arm, leg, or lower torso. However they only prolong the time till bleed-out as the cells expire after one month rather than the three. This is usually combined with a hive to keep the bone marrow supplied with the nanites. It is advised not to inject near the genitals.

The platelet producing nanites can be altered to be injected into the skin to serve as a makeshift dermal armour due to the skin becoming harder on the surface. This type of platelet nanite has to be replaced every few months yet only costs as one bone. A hive cannot supply the nanites as it would have to bore numerous holes around the hardened skin which would defeat the point of nothing getting in or out. This skin is still as flexible as regular skin so it can be injected near the genitals and anus without ill effects. This can be used in conjunction with cooling -ware's to keep a cold temperature in warm environments. It also comes packaged with the waste remover which converts waste into fuel for other ware's.

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It's quite similar to the Platlet Factory in the bioware segment There seem to be too many similarities to really bother with a nanite type of ware for this.

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I was cut short when making this because I was bribed with batter fried cod. Here's the full section of Nanoware. And here's your ticket to make your fanfiction, wookie. Now make me a sandwich.

4.5.2 Nanoware
These are products that are installed into the body

Name: Bioware Regeneration
Price: 10% of Cyberware Implantation Cost
Description: Nanowire must be implanted alongside its cyberware components. When cyberware implants are damaged, the nanites provide low to moderate repairs on the damaged ware. Bioware Regeneration cannot repair nonfunctional cyberware, defective cyberware, or cyberware damaged far too thoroughly to function.

Name: Tag
Price: 800§
+1,000§ Geo locator
Description: Nanite tag etched into bone, bone marrow, or organs. Nigh-undetectable to all but a Valkyrie medical screening, cyberware scanners, Nanoscanner, Medical Nanoscanner, and security screen. Often used to track corporate personnel and prison inmates.

Tags can act as a form of identification or security. Only the above can detect a tag. Tags can only be removed by surgery and specially programmed medical nanites. Tags cannot be implanted into bones with Osteoblast Rigidity.

Name: Fingerprint Mapping*
Price: 5,000§ x grade strength
Description: Requires a Dataport in order to obey mental commands. Surgery requires a species that possesses fingerprints. Fingerprint mapping is activated upon finger pressing against a liftable fingerprint, or if the nanowire is hardwired into the visual cortex via a Dataport.

Reformating a fingerprint takes 1 hour * grade strength. Lower quality mapping takes less time, but is far less accurate. Only Deltaware is guaranteed success every time.

Name: Antidote
Price: 200§ x Toxin Cost
Description: Preprogrammed nanites constructed to deliver antidote for a specific toxin or chemical. Due to the nature of nanites and the instructions encoded into them, such a delivery is far faster than any intravenous, oral, or inhaled antidote. Antidotes are one time use only. Nanites are set in a saline solution and injected into any point of the body.

Name: Hunter-Killer*
Price: 20,000§
Description: Specialty nanites that are programmed to destroy another specific type of nanite. Engineers or technicians who specialize in microcircuitry can reprogram this nanite target. Hunter-Killers are deployed via gas grenade, intravenously in a compatible solution, or in any other number of delivery methods. Hunter-Killers ignore all nanite except the one they target. Types of nanites Hunter-Killers are capable of targeting are: Antidote, Tags, Mantis Cloud, Marabunta, or any other singular nanite system. Hunter-Killers do not discriminate between friendly and hostiles, meaning they will target the recipient if he or she contains the targeted nanites.

Name: Lazarus*
Price: 5,000§
Description: Lazarus is a combination of chemical bathes, regenerative nanites, and antidegradation solutions. These components are placed inside an hermetically sealed container which preserves whatever biological components placed within the chamber. Organs placed within can last up one month without physical care and without any physical degradation.

All Valkyrie dropships and major medical hospitals carry Lazarus containers. Only one organ can be placed in a Lazarus container at a time.

Name: Firefly*
Price: 10,000§
+2,000§ Targeting Screen
Description: A nanite swarm bonded to hyper-compressed explosive gel. Firefly is preprogrammed with a specific timer. Engineers or technicians who specialize in microcircuitry can reprogram this timer. After this timer expires, the gel explodes with the force to vaporize anyone or anything within a 5x5x5 meter room. Nanites disperse in random directions until detonation, unless used in conjunction with a Targeting Screen. Dense objects have a higher chance of resisting the explosive force and remain intact.

If Firefly is used with a Targeting Screen, Firefly links up with a Dataport of computer of the user’s choice. Firefly can receives special commands to choose the target(s). The destructive potential of Firefly is reduced the more objects it is instructed to target.

Name: Nanotatoo
Price: 200§–5,000§
Description: Just like tattoos, Nanotatoos are subdermal designs under the skin. Rather than be static objects, Nanotattoos can shift and morph into various designs, providing the recipient with a polymorphic tattoo. The price of the tattoo depends on the size and intricacy.

Name: Janus*
Price: 20,000§ x Grade Strength
Description: Mobile Nanite web centered around the face. Under the mental command of a Dataport, Janus nanites take on new textures and tonal colors in order to mimic another face. A full face transformation takes (1 hour x Grade Strength). Higher grades make more accurate faces, but take longer to form. Janus can only mimic one face. Janus nanites only last one month before becoming inoperable.

Janus can be destroyed by Hunter-Killers. Janus can be detected by Nanoscanners, deltaware cyberware scanners, and some some gammaware scanners.


Here you are, one sandvich :rainbowkiss:

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I'd think you'd need more than the brain, however. I'd stick with as much of the spine as possible in order to have more nerves. More intact nerves would mean a better chance to complete neural pathways. Of course, you're guy better work really goddamn fast either way. Brain surgery alone takes a lot of time. It's going to need tools.

Either way, your doctor better have either a lot of friends or a lot of enemies with Valkyrie. Lazarus tanks are illegal for non-employees to own outside of jobs, so if he hasn't already, Valkyrie is going to be pissed enough to hunt him down.


Maybe I should have it done by an uber-rich guy's son who's some sort of medical unit runner in the Alliance Navy who pays off his medical crew to help him preserve the brain and spine of this pony for "top-secret" research. His father's purpose for her brain is for a guinea pig to test his attempts to allow his daughter to live fully again; she had been fine up until an accident of some sort making her quadriplegic. His personal reasoning for choosing Sweetie Belle however is because he thinks she's enough like his sister to be a good candidate.

Additionally Dr. Rich-guy also happens to be a major private investor in Valkyrie.....

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I am putting a layer of corruption among the corporations. Not all of them, of course, and not on all levels, but there's evil among the ranks. If you have some dough to line some pockets, it should be much easier.

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It's still possible to get a Lazarus container. The first is to bribe someone for it. The second is to steal it. If your guy has money, the first is much more enticing.

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