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The sole purpose of this group is to support CyborgSamurai along with his epic tale: The Powers of Harmony. As many know by now, CS was accepted in the University of Minnesotta for the next 4 years starting this fall. Because of this, he won't be able work on TPoH during that time, so he decided to cancel it all together since he believes the fandom, HIS fandom and readership, will be no longer existent. This group was made to prove wrong that claim and that we'll still be here after even more than four years.

Those who want to keep supporting the continuation of the story until it's true end, are free to join. The only conditions are to follow both CyborgSamurai and The Powers of Harmony, and only if you really like the story and want to see it finished. being part of the group doesn't require to do fan-work or debating in a forum; it is only a prove of our commitment and willingness to wait for this story to continue. If we stick together and prove him that the fandom will not die, I'm almost certain that he'll continue the story after his bachellor's degree. Every person counts. Thanks.

Another petition! Do NOT confront CS in any way, since that would work against our goal. Let's respect his time with his studies, without bothering him with this. Also, if you want to talk with anyone in the group, do it in the first-page, open a chat-room or PM each other, and help the group to keep growing

Harmony in all things

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Hi again everyone! If you read this comment, check the OotZ thread in the group. I made a little addition to each character's entries.

Anyone know any other stories like TPoH that arent on hiatus/cancelled? I really like the "superpowered" ponies without being a "superpower" fic (like remakes of current superheroes).

Im waiting on Crisis: Equestria, TPoH, Harmony Theory (updating just slow) to all resume...ive read The Immortal Game...Mindblower's 2 fics (Forget the first, and Guilt and Hate before he is rebooting it but currently MIA)..theres just too many great fics of this genre that are dissapearing. Any that you guys can suggest I can jump to in the meantime?

Things im looking for: Superpowered (ish), dark (not necessarily grimdark but that's not a turn away)..alternate get the idea. Something like this.

I just got through rereading Chapter 24 again... Ugh, I really want CS to get better so he can continue this!! :raritycry::twilightblush:

So has anyone else seen CS new blog post. Im glad he is feeling better and tentatively hopeful for a TPoH return :yay:. hoofs crossed

My new story was inspired, in large part, by CS's descriptions of the mechanics of unicorn magic in TPOH. Admittedly, I haven't gotten around to those scenes yet, but I will, once the first in-story opposition to my OC has been overcome/borne through. :coolphoto::pinkiesmile:

That wasn't intended! I swear!:twilightoops:
Oh, and welcome to the Initiative:twilightsheepish:

So CS has blogged about this little group. Here

You are welcome, but I should mention that you don't have to do anything if you don't want to. Again "whatever way you find convinient", if what is more convinient for you is nothing, then that's okay, so please don't be forced to it.

322206 then I'll have to look into it won't I? Thank you for the reception, and I shall endevour to be of service.

Whatever way you find convinient. And welcome to the Initiative

Well, as per my surprising invitation I have arrived.
How may I be of assistance.

TPoH I think is my favorite fanfiction ever. Maybe tied with Waking Nightmares. (Read it if you havn't, especially if you like TF2) Definitely deserves to get finished.

There is no amount of time I would not wait for this story. As it to be that the story is on Hiatus now, and that all temporary things must come to an end, we will be there when it does.

I can wait frigan 12 years if I have to....

Actually, there is another group created by the author that explains in detail most aspects from the TPOH-Verse in its forums. This group was formed to show our support to the story and our willingness to wait for it to end. Check the description for more information. Oh, and welcome to the Initiative:pinkiehappy:

I look forward to seeing more from this universe. Do we have a name for it yet? (Example: Lunaverse) Powerverse maybe?

I really hope this goes well.:twilightoops:

Hello people, there is the first thread for the group. Go and check it out... if you don't mind, that is.

Yes, it is awesome, that's why it cannot be gone forgotten without an end. That's why we're forming this group, so that we can prove our resolve and patience against any claim that CS might have in favor of cancelling TPoH. So we need to keep growing and keep showing our support so that really happens. That's for all of us.

And thanks to all of you for joining.

So TPoH is BACK on my summer reading list. I can't even remember what took place in the story, so a reread is required. But I remember it being awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

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