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The official and only group of the great Princess Mi Amore Cadenza--Cadence's Royal Kingdom!

Not the Crystal Empire, but, like Luna and Celestia have theirs (The Lunar Republic and The Solar Empire, respectively--not to mention the myriad of Twilight dedicated ones), Cadence also has her own: The Love Kingdom! And why not?

A group dedicated to living in Love; and spreading and collecting stories of the power of

A chief point of the group is Loving others, and even helping each other, and being there for each other; a place we can always come to be and feel loved; a place where, among all the strife in the world, we are loved:pinkiesmile:

Stories of all kinds are allowed as long as they are within loving others--and of course CADENCE!:heart:
(Also, feel free to make suggestions, like folders, and open forums, etc!)

Our chief weapons are ahimsa and satyagraha, satyagraha and ahimsa--our two chief weapons are ahimsa and satyagraha--and metta--and an almost fanatical devotion to Queen Cadence! Our three--our four--four chief weapons are--... I'll come in again....

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:heart: yeah I love Cadence :heart:

It would be easier to add stories if there were any folders in which to do so. :unsuresweetie:

Hey guys...Hearttortisepigeondog's Pony character? That was meh!!!

I joined this group :pinkiecrazy:

318875And how do you do, President Broly! Welcome!

If anypony doesn't mind,
I could use some love and affection right now.:fluttercry:

I returned! I'm back on. Anypony home?

Hmm. Not a bad idea really. Go for it.:twilightsmile:

316536 So, hearttourtisepigiondog said to intalic the first paragraph. is it a good idea?

316534 That's awsome! a bi friend? totally cool!:rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2:

I'm bi. But my standard for guys is pretty higher than girls.:rainbowwild:

316532 Really? r u strait or no? Dont worry I no judge.:pinkiehappy:

316529 Yes ma'am/sir!
( now curious,are you a mare or stallion?)

Just re-write it in third person. Avoid using I and You outside of dialogue.

  • Viewing 79 - 98 of 98
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