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Hello Fluttercord Fans and shipper fans alike! My name is MissKoiFishPony, but you can call me Miss Koi or Missy:) I love My Little Pony, I love to write, I love Fluttercord.

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Second Day of Fluttecord Week · 8:52am Monday

Happy Second Day of Fluttercord Week every pony, with today's theme being Gifts^^ When I finished the story and submitted it for approval, it was before midnight my time, but because the approval system here on Fimfiction is so slow, it's past midnightXD So I hope this all still counts for Second Day of Fluttercord weekXD Question for anyone in Fluttercord Week group on Fimfiction, r u any of having a hard time submitting stories for the Day Two folder? Because I am:/

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Thanks for the favorite!

Would you still be interested in joining the Storm King group I founded?

Thanks for the watch!

Hello, how's it going? I am new to Fimfiction.

I made this story about the Storm King recently, and I thought it’d be nice to show you:

A King’s Grand Entrance

I also started my own group dedicated to the character if you’d like to join:

The Storm King

Wohoo! The first audio drama review of The Mare Who Became Queen^^! Thank you so much:)

Daww thank you Sharkie^^ And greatest of congrats to you on your 91 followers, I hope you reach to 100 followers and beyond <3 More than all the followers that I ever get cause you deserve WAY MORE followers than I doXD

I see you have hit the 150 follower mark. Congratulations!

I don't know if you like HSM but i found this theory you might enjoy

Hope you had a great Holiday.

Have a great holiday

Thanks for joining my groups.

Comment posted by devildog452 deleted Sep 5th, 2017

Thanks for the follow!

I think you should know they added a character tag for Garble the dragon.

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