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Hello Fluttercord Fans and shipper fans alike! My name is MissKoiFishPony, but you can call me Miss Koi or Missy:) I love My Little Pony, I love to write, I love Fluttercord.

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Should Missy Do This? · 10:08pm Feb 14th, 2022

Hi Everyone, I was possibly thinking of opening a Patreon, or a Ko-Fi, or both. However, I wanted to see how many of you would be interested in this before I go forward with it. Hence this blog post. This polling will last for a week, so please comment away down below one of the four options down below:
1. Yes, do Patreon only
2. Yes, do Ko-Fi only
3. Yes, do both Patreon & Ko-Fi
4. No, don't do this

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Thanks for the favorite on It's Only Coffee. I hope you enjoyed your time with it.

Hey Missy, how have you been doing lately?

Hello Missi! I was wondering if you saw my PM from a week or two ago? If you have a chance to respond, that would be wonderful.

While you're looking at Eris Dating Game, you'll be surprised to see another MLP story i released. I think you'll be happy to know what this story is.

Thank you for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch! I really appreciate it. :scootangel:

Would you like to join this group?

Warriors of Jesus

Hey Missy, thanks for adding The Pegasus who Kicked the Changelings' Hive to your favorites, and thanks for the review as well. I enjoyed it and will respond to it later.

Thanks for the favorite!

Would you still be interested in joining the Storm King group I founded?

Thanks for the watch!

Hello, how's it going? I am new to Fimfiction.

I made this story about the Storm King recently, and I thought it’d be nice to show you:

A King’s Grand Entrance

I also started my own group dedicated to the character if you’d like to join:

The Storm King

Wohoo! The first audio drama review of The Mare Who Became Queen^^! Thank you so much:)

Daww thank you Sharkie^^ And greatest of congrats to you on your 91 followers, I hope you reach to 100 followers and beyond <3 More than all the followers that I ever get cause you deserve WAY MORE followers than I doXD

I see you have hit the 150 follower mark. Congratulations!

  • Viewing 115 - 134 of 134
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