Hello everyone! This is your founder, Abbeybunny13, speaking! I was inspired by several groups such as "The Writeoff Association" and "Authors Helping Authors" to create this group! Basically, this group is made up of four basic things:

* Writing Challenges-
Fun things like the annual NaNoWriMo event (happens every November), monthly writing contests, and more! Sometimes prizes will be awarded according to some events, so stay tuned!

* Writing Prompts-
Kind of like the writing challenges of this group, writing prompts will be provided. These kinds of "contests" will be not as difficult and not judged; they are simply here for you to express your creativity in writing. It depends on when the prompts are posted and how much will be available at a time.

* Writing Support-
If you are feeling down in the dumps about your stories, are stuck on writing a specific part of your story, are looking for some art for your story, or just want a proofreader to read your story, then this group can help you!

* Contests-
This group also participates in miscellaneous contests, like designing the next group banner and icon. Stay tuned for what those contests may be!

If you have any questions, just PM me or any other admin!

~Abbeybunny13, Founder

P.S.: The rules of the group are still being worked on.

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