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Eric Michael Kline

I like fantasy. I like heroes. And unsurprisingly, I idolize Master Tolkien.


A fan-made sequel to the "Reflections" story arc of the IDW comics. In the aftermath of the Mirror World Incident, as Celestia struggles to heal her broken heart and the denizens of the other world rebuild and search for their missing king, an old enemy has returned, with plans that could spell the doom for both worlds. Reviews are greatly appreciated.

(Cover art by JazzyTyfighter, used with permission of the original artist.)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 41 )

you stole that title from transformers

I'm enjoying this so far! I have no idea why it's getting downrates--it looks pretty good to me, and there aren't enough Mirrorverse fics.

5311412 Oh, for crying out loud. "Shattered Glass" is scarcely unique to Transformers. There's a well-known book and movie that has nothing to do with Transformers called "Shattered Glass," a song by Britney Spears. . . and it's a kinda obvious title for a story about the Mirrorverse.

Huh. I thought the author took the title from this movie.

5311611 Since there's nothing in this story like the Transformers story, probably not.

5311441 They're probably mad that mirror sombra stole their waifu.


Mirror Sombra stole Flash Sentry? :trollestia:

Oh, and I like Discord's M.C.Escher house...

5311836 this story turning out well so far I notic that you don't have any Sombra tag on it is because has any major part at all or don't have room ether that keep it up.

Well, sorry to say I'm not reviewing your story. Simply because of the title and the title deals with Transformers.

5312179 Actually I wanted it to be a surprise. But I guess it is pretty obvious isn't it?

5319717 should I review the story? I mean, the author probably has moved on passed this story.

5319791 Since the last chapter was posted only a few days ago, I wouldn't assume that unless the author says something about it in their blog. Read it first, and then review if you want to.
5314070 I think you should go ahead and put the Sombra tag on it, so it can go into Sombra groups.

5319830 Done. I just wished they had tags for mirror world characters.

5321313 Well, you have the AU tag and the reference to the Mirrorverse in the description, so that should be enough.

Once again another nice chapter keep at it:heart::heart::heart:

I really love the flashbacks in this chapter. It's great to see Sombra as a truly great king, it shows us why the council holds such loyalty to him. I also love the temptation of Luna by Celestia. I always wondered what pulled this Luna over to the dark side, and unrequited love makes a lot of sense.

Very enjoyable fic so far; you do a good job handling the aftermath of something like the end of the reflections arc and really sussing out the kind of impact something like that would have. I also enjoyed your work with the backstories of the other mirror folks and their interactions with their Sombra; that was engaging and fleshed them out nicely.

I like Scruffy the Bearded!

And the plot thickens... Nice character work on the "mere" janitor, he was enjoyable...

really nice, i hope to see a confrontation between good Sombra (when not corrupted) and bad Sombra,keep the nice work.

5473772 Well we'll just have to see. All I can say is that both Celestia and Mirror Sombra are going to be put through the wringer before this all over.

I totally adore this so far! I can't get over the characterization and all the feels... The comic arc could have gone so much further, as you've done here, but they've got so many other stories to tell, I suppose. I'm really glad I found this so I can, at least in my mind, have a continuation of such an intriguing plot. I also just enjoy reading Sombra in general; I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity in the show with him that made him pretty uninteresting to me as they portrayed him. Seeing a real Sombra, not a hissing, crystal-obsessed, one-dimensional shadow cloud, is a treat, and you've written both of the Sombras (the good king and the evil shadow) so well.

I'm also a sucker for "realistic Celestia." I know her thoughts are brought forth by the enchantment, but I can't help but think that they're always present, in one form or another, and the enchantment is just magnifying them. She is a pony with hurt, pain, longing, and emotions, and both seeing her have them as well as Twilight (and company) acknowledge them is great.

I enjoy your Discord more than any other I've read, and I went through a brief spell of reading a lot of Discord-showcasing fiction. He's not just "zany" - he's chaos, neither good nor bad, and he feels very believable.

All of that is not to say those are the only things I like. I liked everything! I mostly focus on characterization and characters in general because those are what grab me more than grammar or spelling (which aren't a problem here) or intricately-woven plots (which you pretty much nailed). As parenthetically stated, you're doing those smashingly well.

I cannot wait to see this update in my Favorites list. :pinkiehappy:

5476120 I just hope I can continue my nailing of Discord's character as he's going to be taking a larger presence in the story starting next chapter. On a related note, Mirror Discord was one of the hardest characters for me to define. Not much was said about him in the comic other than in the Mirror World he's the hero of Equestria. In the end I decided to just make him a somewhat toned down version of his Prime Equestria counterpart, making him more eccentric than obnoxious and removing the selfishness from his character.

As for Celestia, you're actually right on, One of my big inspirations for this story was thinking about how someone would react if they went through what she did. Of course I can't just turn her into Nightmare Sun because A) that would be too easy and B) it would be too out of character for her. I'd go into further detail but it would probably just be faster for us both if you read the blog entry I posted about how I've depicted her so far.

I also admit that initially, I was disappointed with how Sombra was depicted in the show as well. However, re-watching his episodes changed my opinion of him because I realized he's not meant to be a character so much as a looming and ever present force of evil akin to Sauron in LOTR or Shai'tan from The Wheel of Time. Besides, a lot of fans overlook just how cunning and intelligent he really was (hiding the crystal heart in his castle as he knew the Crystal Ponies would be too terrified to look there and guarding the route to it with multiple magical traps). Even the production staff admit that Sombra was perhaps the most underestimated villain to ever appear in the show and that if allowed to run lose, he could do some serious damage. Of course, in my story he IS a character so rather than go the previous route of Sauron, I looked to Smaug for inspiration and channeled my inner Benedict Cumberbatch when writing his dialogue.

Enjoyed this chapter as well. Celestia's in quite the predicament. Here's hoping she can pull through in one piece...

In terms of suggestions, there were a couple places where you had dialogue from one character, and "thought dialogue" from a different character, both in the same paragraph, one example being Rainbow's "knowing your opponents is the key to victory" line with Applejack's internal response in the middle of it. Direct thoughts, IMHO, are close enough to actual dialogue that it really deserves the "make a separate paragraph" rule to be applied to it as well.

Taking a second look at where you're breaking your paragraphs, in fact, is something you might want to consider. Even aside from the dialogue switching issues, some of the paragraphs got a little bit "wall-of-text-y", which can make flow and pacing a bit more difficult. It's usually good for each paragraph to have a single, simple idea, a single, simple focus that it can succinctly encapsulate, making it even easier to follow, even easier on the eyes.

For instance, there's easily at least two paragraph-worthy-in-and-of-themselves ideas packed into the paragraph where Sombra offers Celestia the crown, first his pitch, and then her reaction to it. Heck, I'd be tempted to break it into three paragraphs, just to give the actual offer itself some particular focus and punch, separating it out from the rationale that preceded it. So maybe putting a break before "Raising his hoof" and another one before "Celestia stared".

Anyway, that's just one example of how you can separate out the individual ideas. I really think that it would give the writing even more punch, the more you can keep the distinct thoughts and themes and actions from running together by splitting them into a bit tighter chunks in places. And like I said above one very simple place to do that is on the borders between when one person is talking or thinking, and when it shifts to a different person reacting or thinking or talking in response.

Anyway, hope that was helpful, and really hope to see more of this very enjoyable fic! Thank you very much for sharing it!

5485552 Thank you for your observations and your constructive criticism. I will look into that and see if I can't implement them.

may i feature this fic on my tumblr blog? i run a fanblog for the somblestia ship

this fic needs more fandom love, I adore it

Yikes... If whatever this is can give Discord this hard a time, then stuff is definitely getting real...

Glad to see that our heroes are on track to puzzling out the curse problem, though.

You do a good job writing the "sorta reformed but still jerkassish" Discord; it's a tricky balance to strike, but I enjoyed how you struck it and the way his scenes went.

Dun dun DUN!

I'm really liking this story so far!

Interesting. It sounds like the Buffalo Tribes were merely in hiding, and have at last emerged.

Knew it. Too obvious. Twist ruined, but not the story itself.

Will continue to read.


Yeah I know but I gambled that if I wrote the story well enough noone would care.

Actually, I'm kind of disappointed nobody's mentioned any of the Dark Tower references I've put in.


Only reason I didn't is because I never read it and that was because it just didn't interest me.

That said, inb4 I learn a bit more about it and suddenly it does interest me.

Wouldn't surprise me.

Anyway, looking forward to next update.

6716099 I spotted them, Starswirl going on about his rose and all that. Good times.

I like how your integrating the both Discords into the story, not ignoring them but coming up with good ways to prevent them from just solving everything with their nigh-omnipotence.

Bum bum!:pinkiegasp: What will happen to Twilight in the next chapter?:pinkiegasp:
Tune in next time:raritywink:
Haha lol tehee loved how Flutters covered Discord's mouth when he wanted to comment on the chaos that Starswirl's spell could bring:twilightsheepish:
Woah Cadence is actually the recreation of Amore's shards and by Starswirl's wish by the Great Oak:pinkiegasp: What a twist!:trollestia: Headcanon accepted:ajsmug:

That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man i love this story. i am so sad it never got finished... tis was good


Sorry about that. I had to put this on the backburner for a while due to going back to school for my master's and a rather lengthy stay in the hospital. I do intend to finish it I just haven't had the time for a while.

*takes a deep breath*


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