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I’m an Autistic Conservative Christian who loves to write, act, and be comedic & crazy to help others laugh & smile.

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Petition to Bring the Storm King Back · 6:08pm May 17th

This is another petition that I had recently made. This one being for the Storm King.

As I probably said plenty of times before, the Storm King deserves so much more than hate from fans and an outshining by Tempest Shadow. To top it off, it looks like in the end, he won’t be making another appearance.

Well, I say, let’s vote to give Hasbro some encouragement to give us more storms by the Storm King. Because in animation, anything can happen.


Don’t forget to share this with others.

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Comments ( 24 )

thanks but i am fine without him

He's one of the villains i want. He's a villain that CAN'T be redeemed, unlike so many other former villains in the franchise.

I wasn't expecting that from someone like you:applejackunsure:

I was under the impression that you felt that everyone is worthy of some sort of redemption and that you extended that to fictional characters.
Why do you 'need' this one character to dispise?

4862853 indeed but like real life not everyone can be redeemed take Hitler and his followers for example they went to the graves completely unrepentant what I'm trying to emphasize is not everyone can be swayed

And that he’s right.

If he was to return, I’d definitely like for the Storm King to remain in the unrepentant category. I think he should return to cause mass chaos as part of his revenge against those who wronged him, like they “saw the monster, but have awoken the beast”.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love it when somebody who does something wrong sees the light and error of their ways, but...it’s becoming a little too common in MLP these days.

Comparing a fictional character from a show where murder and genocide don't exist, to someone like Hitler; is immensly disrespectful to the memory of the people who were slaughtered.
Compare him to fictional villians such as The Joker if you want; but leave the actual victims of Fanatic National Pride out of it.

That makes sense. If I understand correctly; you feel that most likely his main focus would be revenge.

But isn't there any part of you that would like him to at least try to make things right?

As interesting as that would be, I’m afraid he’s just not the type to change his ways or do something right for once. Besides, that wouldn’t be realistic.

Take Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2 for instance, Po the Panda gave him a chance to change his ways and do things right, even after destroying his own home and letting his parents down, but in the end...he never took the chance.

That's fair.
I still haven't seen the movie so I can't fairly guage what sort of character he is, but that's a fair point.

I'm afraid he's nothing like Darth Vader.

Sorry! I didn't mean it like that at all!!!!:fluttercry::fluttercry: I was just trying to explain why i was ok without the Storm king returning!

i agree most certainly!

I guessed that you didn't really mean anything by it; just for future reference though.

I don't want the Storm King to be reformed. He is funny, but he's fine to remain as a villain. Would it be okay if they made a prequel that featured him?

I honestly doubt this would actually do anything, considering that not even fan-favourite Tempest is in the show due to being voiced by an expensive guest star, just like every other new character who had a big role in the movie. But eh, I'd probably sign it anyway because why not?

When Storm King was killed when falling off the balcony, I was very happy to see him dead, but he'll be resurrected in the sequel of my story as that he's secretly an alien.

I hate the villains in MLP because they make me so paranoid, and Queen Chrysalis is the only character I hate because she's like a wasp-pony hybrid from outer space, and I hate wasps.

I know you don’t like Queen Chrysalis, but...what’s wrong with the other villains?

I hate every villain in the show (the reformed ones and non-villain antagonists like Gilda and Trixie is all that matters) because I just can't stand them! These villains are killing everypony they see including the main characters. I don't know why they're here, where do they come from, and who sent them.

So you’re saying that you find them to be too one-dimensional?

Well I'm only against supernatural villains in the show like Tirek, Sombra, Pony of Shadows, Storm King and Chrysalis. The other formal villains is all that matters.

He is cool, but a guest in the movie. What they could do is visit his land! Also, I don't agree with "villains being reformed" thing as bad. MLP is all about spreading kindness and all that good stuff.

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