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Welcome to Eriscotch, a shipping group for one of the best gender-bent parings in all the fandom.

Please put your stories in the appropriate folders.

18+ - Anything with gore or not family appropriate, probably Clopfics'.

Eriscotch - Major stories.

Flutteris + Buttercord - NSFW - Fluttershy X Eris and Butterscotch X Discord

One-Shots - One-Shots belong here, through you will find Clopfics' there too.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - Stories about the offspring of this awesome couple.


Concerning Story Covers: Please use non-graphic photos. NO gore. NO private parts showing, not even suggestful ones. And NO creepy photos, the last thing this group needs is to give ponies nightmares'!

No mean trolling.
No flaming other pony's Fanfics', try using only constructive criticism.
No cussing in comments! Try to make this a friendly environment, only in Clopfics comment section will this be okay.
Please label your story correctly and place it in the right folder.

If anypony needs help with editing, proofreading or co-writing, I can help, ask me and I'll help.

Rule 63 Name Guide, provided by MLPGenderSwap and Trotsworth.

Pinkie Pie - Bubble Berry
Rarity - Elusive
Twilight Sparkle - Dusk Shine
Fluttershy - Butterscotch
Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Blitz
Applejack - Applejack
Spike - Barbara

Meanie Pie - Grumpy Berry
Flutterbitch - Butterbrute
Greedity - Reclusive
Liarjack - Liarjack
Rainbow Ditch - Rainbow Ditch

Spitty Pie - Stumble Berry
Hairity - Repulsive
Appletini - Appletini
Rainbow Crash - Rainbow Ditz
Flutterguy - Butterbabe
Twilight Flopple - Dork Shine

Scootaloo - Scooteroll
Sweetie Belle - Sweepy Belle
Applebloom - Applebuck

Summer Sun Celebration - Midsummer Solstice Festival
Sisterhooves Social - Brohoof Bash
Discord - Eris/Dizzy Twister - Swirling Tornado
Princess Celestia - Lord Solaris
Princess Luna - Prince Artemis
Nightmare Moon - Nightterror Nebula
Macintosh - Macareina
Trixie - Trixter
Gummy - Gummette
Opalescence - Alexanderite
Winona - William
Owlowicious - Gwenivere
Tank - Armour
Angel - Lilitha
Philomena - Ignatius
Peewee - Lil'
Granny Smith - Pappy Smith
Carrot Cake - Cream Cake
Cup Cake - Coffee Cake
Pound Cake - Angel Cake
Pumpkin Cake - Cheese Cake
Rainbow Crash - Rainbow Ditz
Cluttershy - Clutterscotch
Berry Punch - Wheat Brew
Aloe - Pelo
Lotus - Narcissus
Mr. Breezy - Mrs. Gusty
Carrot Top - Carrot Curl
Nurse Redheart - Nurse Redhoof
Snips - Spice
Snails - Sugar
Photo Finish - Snap Shot
Diamond Tiara - Golden Crown
Silver Spoon - Diamond Ladle
Cheerilee - Cherryloo
Octavia - Concerto
Spitfire - Flamethrower
Soarin - Glida
Derpy Hooves - Dopey Hoof
Doctor Whooves - Professor Whoof
Prince Blueblood - Princess Bluebelle
Vinyl Scratch - Record Scrape/DJ PON3 - DJ COL7

Twist - Stick
Lyra - Harpsy
Bon Bon - Bon Bon
Sappire Shores - Cobalt Coast
Zecora - Zicoro
Screwball - Screwloose
Fancy Pants - Regal Splendor
Fleur LeBlanc - Florance do Los

Princess Platinum - Prince Titanium
Chancellor Puddinghead - Lord Creampuff
Commander Hurricane - General Tornado
Smart Cookie - Brownie Point
Private Pansy - Private Wuss
Clover the Clever - Waldo the Wise

Neon Lights - Bright Shine
Flim - Shim
Flam - Sham
Filthy Rich - Goldy Digger/Gold Digger
Daring Do - Dashing Dare
Dinky Hooves - Twerpy Hooves
Princess Cadance - Prince Tempo
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza - Prince D'Amore Temporus
Shining Armor - Gleaming Shield
Iron Will - Stone Heart
Queen Chrysalis - King Nymphamos
Mayor Mare - Mayor Mustang
King Sombra - Queen Oscura
Babs Seed - Bab Seed
Sunset Shimmer - Sunset Glare
Principal Celestia - Headmaster Solaris
Vice Principal Luna - Professor Artemis
Flash Sentry - Twinkle Scout

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