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This group is for Fluttershy brother who would show up in the next part of season 5.
While we are waiting please enjoyed this small comic made by awesomepiefive

Also here some question you would like to see for her brother
1. Would you like see him older or be cmc younger brother.
2. Would like him be a badass like you are seeing in the comics or him being ordinary character?

I was wrong about the next part of season five he will so up in season 6 but if we are lucky we would see him in a sneak peek of season 6 but I hope you are enjoying this group.

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Hello everypony, I just joined this group. Glad to be here!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022
Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

I'd like to think that fluttershy's friends wouldn't laugh at some one who looks like that, especially if that some on is fluttershy's brother. But, I've been mistaken before. They really are terrible people

I'm a full of so many kekkles right now.

kill him with fire, he's the most stereotypical of stereotypical hipsters

like he really doesn't seem to fit with fluttershy at all

403567 If you follow Equestria Daily, you can keep up on stuff like this, but. . .he's not showing up until season six. :twilightblush:

I pretty much hardly doubt it but I have thought of what he could be like and what he maybe is. Like think her brother could be that changeling that I saw in the Slice of Life episode.
Where was on a mission on searching his long lost sister.

I've got a feeling he's not going to show up until the finale. I wonder if he'll be one of the villains minions.

Here's an idea: twin brother!

Fuck... that comic's OC is actually hot... I'd have my ponysona fuck him. Also saving puppies from possessed sharks? The fucking rawest.

401296 It was said on this years Comic Con by the staff

Where have you seen this news?

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