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The most famous and influential stallion in Canterlot, whose word can make or break somepony's reputation. Seemingly a playboy by nature and first seen in the presence of the famous model Fleur de Lis, who no one knows if she is his wife or not.

What is known is that her helped build Rarity's reputation on Equestria's capital, simply through a few choice words...and visited Ponyville one day, while Rarity was dressed to the nines (many have come to the obvious conclusion)

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Fancy Pants is one of the few fictional Rich People who ISN'T a butthole :pinkiehappy:

In my story, "Celestia's Tiny Student," Fancy Pants have his appearances in chapter 5 and 8, and he will have in some other, he is not main character, but a support one.

I will add this story to this group, and if minor appearances of him are not good enough, inform me, and I will remove it.

Honestly, he's one of my favorite characters. He's so cool and laid-back for one of the Canterlot Elite.

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