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In the name of our Divine Majesties, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, bringers of the sunlit days and moonlit nights, welcome to the Temple of the Royal Pony Sisters. Where the followers of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna gather to give them praise for their bright sunlit days, and beautiful moonlit nights. Please read our statement of belief before continuing:

Statement of Belief:

* We believe that Princess Celestia, along with Princess Luna, are wise, powerful, caring, and loving rulers that rule for the benefit of all of their subjects, and with the best interests of their subjects in heart and mind at all times.

* We reject all suggestions that Princess Celestia is a tyrant, a "troll", or other worse things some in the fandom have called her.

* We believe the Royal Sisters have settled their differences and rule over a united Equestria.

* As such, we reject the misguided movements of the Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic as we believe they cause division and disharmony, and thus go against the desires of our Divine Majesties.

* All who follow Their Majesties are children of Equestria and belong to the Kingdom of Equestria. For wherever the followers of Her Majesty Princess Celestia, and Her Majesty Princess Luna, gather, there to, is the Kingdom of Equestria.

The purpose of this group is to showcase stories, as well as promote discussion, that glorify our Divine Majesties and portray them in a positive light. Stories or discussion that portray any of the negative memes about either of Their Majesties will not be accepted.

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