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Hello everypony and welcome to Voice Actors Welcome! This is the group where aspiring voice actors may promote themselves and their work. Rules are the standard follow site rules, don't be a flank face, etc. Let the voice acting begin!

Oh, and feel free to add stories that you want voice acting for in the Requests folder. If you need a VA, or need to stick an application in a thread, go to the master index, right heya. If you want to do an R63 of a character, please put (R63) at the top of your application.

Request thread. This is where you find peeps in need of your fabulous talents.

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Newcomer here, from an ongoing voice project.

I can voice Jetstream Sam and various other characters. Just don't expect my impressions to be perfect.

Aspiring voice actor here.

FINALLY! After what looks like an eternity, someone decide to at least answer! Why is this group dead? This is the only one gathering vioce actors and the like and there is no signs of life, just wtfh?

Earth to the group, is anyone there? :derpyderp2:

Hello everyone. I'm tired but I'll try not to babble too much. Anyhow. :unsuresweetie:

Good to see that such a group exists. Maybe people with experience can help an aspiring VA break trough some difficulties eh?

I have a slight technical problem. Not to brag, but people tell me that I have good voice, and I know it, but whenever I hear myself in the recordings, Skype, TeamSpeak etc. I always hear the sound of some teen who's going trough sound mutation. :flutterrage: I DON'T HAVE A TEEN VOICE IRL and I feel like all the equipment is trolling me, and it makesme want to give up showing myself to people.
I know buying expensive microphone and whatnots help, but are there any other ways to overcome this?

Thanks in advance, and I hope we'll have a good time here. :heart: Also it's been a while since someone joined, I see.

My name is Amy Roth I am an experienced voice actress.
I have worked on The bedfellows web series (NSFW) in the episode titled MINGLE
I am also in the episodes: Bros will be bros (Sammy), Speed date (Nicole the 2nd date), and the pharmacy tech in the episode Aspburgers.

I am the narrator for Royal Guards, a Kickstarter that didn't quite get off the ground I play Princess Zelda

I am the voice of Decepticon General Strika in Transformers: Elite the audio web play.

I am open for business if anyone needs voices I'm happy to oblige. Please let me know and send me lines and I'm happy to send tapes back.

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Hello I'm Sammyisfun and I can voice PinkiePie! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::heart::heart:

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344986 Starrrrryyyyy Hi its me again I am working on the story I told ya 'bout! ill PM you the view password!:derpyderp2::derpytongue2::derpyderp1:

Hi all, foxbard here, hoping this can help me find some stuff to do!

Hi Its Me from school! :pinkiehappy:

344984 If ya want a voice actor for a collab, then go to the thread with the character you need, and find a VA who is open for work. Then PM them and work things out from there.

So specific voice actors are accepted, but what about general readers willing to collaborate?

Also what about a dramatic reading thing where you can request things be read, or read something that has been requested?

Wow, this is actually a great idea. :pinkiesmile:

this is awesome!! :rainbowkiss: mostly my VA stuff is on soundcloud. also if anyone is intrested this link:( Voice actors wanted )a Friend of mine is looking for more voice actors for his project on Devantart.com

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