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Just Defender

An autistic brony seeking comic/fanfic dub projects to join.


Family Weekend · 8:11pm Jun 19th, 2017

Last Weekend was a great time for me.  A separate celebration for each day.  A few errands, visits, odd jobs, and social time with the relatives.

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Hey, I'm a Ducktales fan. Thank you for doing this.
Free Idea. If ya feel ambitious, why not do a longer crossover with Lunaris serving as Nightmare Moon's general of the lunar/bat pony army?

Thank you for the fave.

Comment posted by LunarCrusader deleted Aug 21st, 2019

KO thanks for the favorite and hope you enjoy it as well as you click the thumbs up button and tell all your friends about it! :pinkiehappy:(X50):rainbowdetermined2:(X40)

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