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Hello, everypony. As you know, I do audio readings on YouTube. But what you didn't know is that I do it as a freelance occupation and a newly acquired hobby. Both me and Lily (my darker half) are always eager to do new readings, so don't hesitate to come to us.

I am good at readings as well as (most) character voices. If you come to me with a reading, I will always discuss any additions you might like to the reading. Additions such as music, additional voices, sound effect, etc.

Now I wrestled with the decision to let all of you know this. But to any who would request readings in the future, I thought I should let you know this. While this is a freelancing hobby, I do need to support myself.

$5 - Per Chapter lengthy stories
$20 - Other Stories

I do hope this doesn't drive anyone away. I am very reasonable and open to discussing prices. I look forward to working with you.

I am Lotus Moon and wish all of you a Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night wherever you are, everypony. Good Night.


Patreon Voting · 8:51pm April 17th

Wow it's been quite some time since I created a blog post here. But I'm here to say I have a patreon and created a poll there. It's a poll to vote on what my next clop will be. Feel free to check it out: Vote Here

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You’re very welcome

Thanks for the reading of “Effect And Cause”! It just kinda came out of nowhere and wasn’t expecting it, but I certainly loved it!

2897320 Ah. Well, I only hope I don't disappoint:heart:

Just returning the follow

Thank you for the watch. May I ask how I earned it:heart:

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