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This story is a sequel to A Short Conversation

There are a few situations you want to find yourself in when dating a unicorn. One of them is waking and having said unicorn's horn right under your chin. So imagine the thoughts running through Fluttershy's head as she finds herself in that exact situation with Sombra.

Mini sequel to the final chapter of A Short Conversation. Just giving you a peek into Fluttershy's mind.

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Her expression says it all.

And then Sombra ate breakfast in bed.

Nice! I like it, short and sweet, fluffy, comfy mood - it's great!

I didn't spot any grammar isssues or flow issues, just one bit where the continuity seems to change with Sombra being an alicorn and then a unicorn again.

After chasing around Pinkie for half the night and calming a startled Flutterbat, the night was over. The couple had made their way home as the night began to wane. Taking care of her nightly chores for her animals, Fluttershy fed and bathed each creature alone. The critters were still quite wary of the dark alicorn's presence and he made no attempt to soothe their fears of him. Afterward, Sombra and Fluttershy settled down for a light dinner whilst talking among themselves until the butter-colored mare let out a yawn.

All in all, love the story! Looking forward to more!

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