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The spell to change Fluttershy back to normal worked! But she reverses back to Flutterbat during a full moon. How? Why? Not even Twilight really knows why.

What's more Sombra seems interested in her and the others catch them having a...strange and interesting conversation...by hissing. And no pony knows what the heck they're saying.

{Story based off the art C: Hiss by Evehly...also it's just a short random story}

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I think this was a nice little story. I wouldn't be against more stories like this.

" Somby...we've been together f-for a while...and I was wondering... " Flutterbat placed her hoof on Sombra's chest and blushed. " Will you stay with me? "

Flutters Dialogue here is the same color as Sombra’s

How did i get here?

Not sure how I feel about the ship, but Evehly makes it too darn cute not to enjoy.

I enjoyed it (gave it a thumbs up and all), but it reeks of padding. It feels like the only reason "Hissing" was split into untranslated and translated versions was so the story could get past the 1000 word limit. Again, I really liked this story, but I just wanted to leave that little nitpick out there.

The idea that Flutterbat happens to speak the same “language” as Sombra is hilarious

Yeah, Evehly is what got me into SombraShy, its quickly become my favourite ship. She makes 'em look real cute together

A little weird but good story

Hey Lotus! Remember me from the clopfic livestream by Cloudy Brony? Your still the Queen of the burps!

"Somby...we've been together f-for a while...and I was wondering..." Flutterbat placed her hoof on Sombra's chest and blushed. "Will you stay with me?"


"Yes, dear?"

Ummm... the quote I got underlined is the wrong color.

It's supposed to go like this:


"Yes, dear?"

I love this story. I'm might even do a reading on this story my Sexy Burping Queen. Keyword being "might".

My alternate universe, my rules :twilightblush:

I wasn’t the only one burping though...but we all just made a running joke of it

Really, this was incredibly cute.....and this is my favorite ship, so I would love to see more!:heart:

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