Don't Move

by Lotus Moon

Waking up at horn point

After chasing around Pinkie for half the night and calming a startled Flutterbat, the night was over. The couple had made their way home as the night began to wane. Taking care of her nightly chores for her animals, Fluttershy fed and bathed each creature alone. The critters were still quite wary of the dark unicorn's presence and he made no attempt to soothe their fears of him. Afterward, Sombra and Fluttershy settled down for a light dinner whilst talking among themselves until the butter-colored mare let out a yawn.

Sombra stood and walked over to his mare friend. "Come little flower, time for bed. You've had a long enough day."

"Yes, I know Sombry." Fluttershy lightly rubbed her eyes.

With that, the two then went upstairs and settled into bed in each other's hooves before being blanketed in blissful sleep.


The first hazy thoughts of the morning had begun to stir Fluttershy's waking mind. Normally she'd have been up a little before Celestia raised the sun, but the prior evening's events had been a bit more tiring to her. Certainly, her critters would forgive one morning of tardiness from their caretaker. 'Mmm...the sun is coming up now. I guess I should wake up as well. I have to start feeding my animals soon.' She lightly felt beside her, but her beloved wasn't there. 'Where's Sombry? What's heavy on me? And what's poking my face?' She thought as she slowly opened her hazy turquoise eyes, she peeked down to her left cheek where she saw a hint of red. She lightly traced her hoof on it and stopped in alarm. Now she was fully awake and realized what kind of situation she was suddenly in. Her eyes could only stare at the ceiling as her heart raced and her entire small being shook lightly and the color slowly drained from her dainty face.

The morning had come and Fluttershy was now back to normal. Laying in the giant plush master bed in her new home, Fluttershy was content and snuggled up with her now special some pony. Or rather...what snuggling would be...if not for the sharp point of the unicorn king's horn located right under her chin! Normally, before becoming an official couple, Fluttershy would sleep on Sombra's chest or they'd spoon (and given their size difference, it's not impossible to see how that shakes out) and 10/10 times would awake in the same positions they'd slept in. But this time was different. This time, Sombra had managed to shimmy down the bed in his sleep so his entire head was on Fluttershy's small body and the point of his horn was directly under her chin, the slightest move threatening to stain that soft buttery coat red.

"" Fluttershy gulped quietly as Sombra snored quietly, praying to Celestia he didn't move. She also thought it was time to talk to the girls about why Sombra was with her last night as well as what happened if it was hard for them to understand. But that would come after she got out of her current predicament. Her forelegs rested on his head as her head spun in mild panic. 'Ok Fluttershy...don't can get out of this. Sombry wouldn't harm you. He's passed that...though it doesn't seem that way right now. And he's a heavy sleeper too...but it's morning so he should be awake soon. Oh, why couldn't he wake up before me! But then if he did, he'd have likely poked me before he realized where his horn was. No no that wouldn't happen. But what if it did? Oh, he'd be so upset.' Sombra breathed deeply and slightly adjusted his head, making Fluttershy stiffen more. 'Oh no no no no no! I definitely need him to wake up. This is getting very dangerous! Ok, Fluttershy...just wake him nice and easy.' Her heart thudded in her chest and throat as she lightly brushed Sombra's mane behind his ear.

"S-Somby...dear...I think it's time to wake up and move very carefully, please." Her voice had a strained and nervous edge to it.

Sombra's eyes fluttered open and he sat slowly, stretching his maw as he yawned. The point of his horn had finally left the mare's chin, and she let out a silent sigh of relief. His eyes landed on the yellow pegasus who had a light sweat on her brow. "Fluttershy? What happened?"

"N-Nothing dear. But from now on, I think I should sleep on your chest." She said nervously. 'For my own safety.' She thought.

A sultry, throaty chuckle emanated from the dark unicorn's throat as he gently pulled Fluttershy from the bed. He gently swept some silky pink hair from her face. "How about we have a nice breakfast now?"

"That'll be lovely." She beamed. "And then we may need to see the girls about last night. To explain our relationship...and so you can apologize to Pinkie" Fluttershy giggled bashfully.

Sombra let out a gruff, exasperated sigh. "Fine." With that, the two went off to have a nice breakfast for two.


As Fluttershy made their breakfast, she glanced over at her beloved who lay on the couch in the living room, and brushed his coat to make himself look more presentable. She smiled as her thoughts wandered. 'I know the girls see Sombra as a bad guy but he truly isn't. He was just a lonely, misunderstood soul who needed to be shown some kindness. And sure it took a little time to bring it out of him, but he really is a good pony underneath his gruff exterior. And I hope that one day, every pony else will see that too.' She set breakfast on the table and went to take care of her animals, who had patiently waited to be fed, more because they were still too nervous about going near the former tyrant unicorn.

Once that was done, the two ate together and then proceeded to spend the day snuggling on the couch. Despite the very dangerous start to the day, Fluttershy couldn't see it getting any better than being surrounded by the animals and the stallion she loves most in the world.