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Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


Fluttershy had become Equestria's resident villain reformer. So, reforming a now powerless Sombra should be easy, right? Well, there's more to it than that. Take one magic-deprived unicorn, mix in some serious emotional baggage, and you get a disaster.

This road won't be easy to walk, but it's one she has to take. That much remains clear.

A collab between myself and my good friend Lord Despair.

Gorgeous cover art a commission from HiccupsTheNoodle on Deviantart.

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Another interesting story from one of my favorite writes on this site. Yay! :twilightsmile:

Ooh, this is proving to be an excellent idea for a story! I can't wait to read more! :twilightblush:

Hmmm...this looks promising.

Lol, that author's note.
Anyway, very promising. I like it. Can't wait for the next chapter (I will though. . . )

let’s try something else

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Lovely chapter. I loved every moment of this. I loved the Blair Skim book part! :scootangel: I like world depth like that.

This is such a promising start!

I eagerly await more to this story. :)

I feel like this is kind of like a sequel to The Arbitrator

To late to the party to ask how this story ended?


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