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Sombra appears in the common society of Canterlot. Needless to say, not very many people know who he is, and not very many guards do, either. In a sense, he's hiding in plain sight. Still the stallion who tried to take over a kingdom and cause nothing but purest suffering for the residents.

And he runs into Fluttershy...

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 12 )

This story seems interesting. I like the way Sombra flirts with Fluttershy and his smartass comments to RD and Twilight. You get a favorite and a like. I hope the next chapter comes soon.

Interesting but no build up no explaining how he is even alive or how he knows fluttershy or how he arrived in canterlot or why they even know him at the bar. BUT its Sombra x Fluttershy so fav:trollestia:

I like it so far. would love to see more. :)


Well, and I understand you made that comment 9 months ago, It's not going to be explained right off the bat. Give it time. Clues are in the text. Find them.

And after a 9 month period of absolutely nothing, I cotninued, for the first time, a story which I had previously written.

Hundreds of stories have been created by my nimble hands. None of them have ever been finished.

Well, there is a first time for everything, Bro. I am thoroughly enjoying this one you have chosen to carry on with. I love Flutterbat (as I gaze up to my only MLP stuffie - a Flutterbat) and Sombra, as you can tell from my profile & pic, is My King. Kind of the same way & deal as a Doctor Who fan picks Their Doctor.

You have woven a masterful tale in Sombra's fast-talking his way out of losing his soul and I crave learning what comes next. I truly appreciate a Sombra not characterized as a mindless caricature of a slave-driving maniac for no reason other than to act like one. Tartarus is, after all, is paved with the best of intentions and every villain worth their weight in bits has always believed they were right to do what they did. I thoroughly believe King Sombra to be no exception to that rule. Have an upvote and a watching status on me!

Man, I really liked Skmbra convincing Grim to spare his life. Likewise, I found Twilight's reaction to learning she did a spell incorrectly, RD developing a girlish crush on stallion bat ponies fir their fangs, and Flutterbat's reaction to Sombra's kiss to be hilarious. Thanks for coming up with this chapter.

and just like that another good fic bites the dust :')
If you ever see this, please update this fic it's so beautifully written and I was so engrossed in the story I will literally give you my email to just send me the whole fic I love it
(All the good sombrashy fics never seem to get finished and I LOVED the way you portray sombra as an actual pony and not some stotic figure of destruction and evil)

Well, I'm going to add it to my bookmarks anyway just in case he decides to pick it up again. After all I've had stories that were five years off the mark and they started writing again so it's possible.

There are a few spelling errors in here. I recommend you go back and check over the chapter.

Otherwise, great story! I definitely look foward to more.

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