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Interesting. As with the original version, I'm very much looking forward to the rest of this.

I just have one thing to point out: the first is Sombra's size. Having him be taller than even Celestia will cause problems later on. Specifically when it comes to sex. Unless he is depressingly poorly endowed, he will split her in half.

But who knows, maybe Fluttershy gets up to some things in that house of hers, so far away from town, and she's had plenty of practice so it won't be that bad. It's always the quiet ones, after all.

I like this reworked version. Hope to see the subsequent chapters coming soon.

6739037 Ah, it'll fit if you thrust hard enough. Just follow the formula of every hentai you've ever seen where the characters are ridiculously proportioned.

I like the cover and this chapter is so captivating.

Lol, seems legit. I see no reason for that not to work.

What happened to the other chapters?

6740028 It's coming. I added sections from the second chapter into this one. It seemed too short.

I can't wait to see the next chapter

when will there be more chapters

Really liking the edits here. I, too, wonder about Discord's future role in all this...

I'm still getting a good Beauty and the Beast vibe from this story :rainbowkiss:

This chapter was amazing and I liked how you added a few scenes like Sombra foraging grapes in a cold land for Fluttershy. The advisor, Ethereal Moon, is an interesting character being a filly-like counselor in appearance yet also capable of being loyal to Sombra while having the cutest of crushes on him. The scene with Sombra and Fluttershy consummating their marriage feels strangely more natural as Sombra seduces Fluttershy into sleeping with him rather than Fluttershy forcing herself to do the deed. Keep up the amazing job. I hope the next chapter comes soon.

This is getting good, keep up the good work! Also wine can relax you, a lot.

Cool story! Will there be clop?

6880302 On a teen rated story? No. But there will be some pretty bawdy scenes.

6880465 I can't wait to see the reaction on discord face when he finds out what happen to fluttershy

6907484 Only Flutters could get away with such insolence :rainbowlaugh:

I'ts good to know that even after perusing FIMFiction every day since last November for all the Sombra stories I can get my hooves on, I can still run across such quality gems as this one. Your description of Sombra and his archaic dialogue are the standard to which I am working my way towards in my own tales of his adventures. Evehly made me a dirty Sombrashy plebe with her amazing artwork and now she too is doing it all over again with reposting her "Shy Can See" fic here as well. Never has there been a more beautiful Beauty and the Beast pairing as these two lovers. It is because of stories like this and authors like the both of you that I am able to pull myself away from my old favored pairing of Sombra x Luna. Please keep it up and continue. Your style and pacing are a joy to read!

6919287 I thank you for your kind words, but I'd rather not be compared to Evehly. Her brilliant artistic style was what inspired me to become a SombraShy fan in the first place. It's like comparing Bruce Lee to some over weight mall cop who got their black belt from some strip mall soccer mom McDojo.

6922834 Heh, I can see your point, Mick, but your writing style is good - as good in its own right as the best artists are in their own realm. That's all I meant.

You are your own entity, as we all are, and I laud your writing style as a benchmark for what I want to attain as I refine my own works.

Just found this story and I love it. Do you know how hard it is to find really good Sombra fan fictions that have been updated recently? Can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

6928935 I'll be happy so long as you don't trash it on your next podcast. lol

6929350 I look for things to listen to on YouTube while I'm playing games on steam. I happened upon one of your reviews when I was looking for a pony related podcast to listen to as I was getting my Dark Souls on. Strange chance that you'd be commenting on one of my stories just a few days later. :twilightblush:

I'm really loving this story so far, I hope it won't take too long for the next update to come out

Fav pairing and a dark but not, maybe im not sure, completely evil sombra, update soon please!!

Cool story :)
Do you know when the next chapter will be posted??

Please add more chapters soon

*pokes fanfiction with stick*

7419486 Hey, it made a sound... Or perhaps it was just gas escaping?

Time will tell :pinkiecrazy:

I love this story. I hope that everything is fine and that you are able to continue soon!
I am not sure if it was intentional, but I am getting a strong Beauty and The Beast vibe from this story. Its my favourite fairy tale!

7443533 Thanks for that, and yes, I'll be adding a new chapter soon. I just bought a new house, and I'm still getting situated with my new job, so I've been crazy busy lately. Thanks for your patience.

when will you continue this

Dude, this is the shit. I need more.

If I see even ONE Burger King reference in the comments...

Fine. Have it your way, then.

If I see even ONE Burger King reference in the comments...:twilightangry2:

Okay... Have it your way~ :trollestia:

This is well-written, but I really don't see Fluttershy ever falling in love with this guy. Tolerate, maybe, but so far, he's just been ignoring her feelings, using her to further his career, and being an overall creep! He may have been nice to his subjects but that doesn't excuse his behavior towards Flutters at all. Maybe I'm overreacting with this, but she WAS basically raped, so I don't think I am.
I don't hate this story, I actually like it, a lot! I just have no idea how Flutters would ever fall in love with him.

I'm done ranting now. Please don't hate me for this comment. :fluttercry:

7640957 Rape is a pretty strong word to use in this instance. I don't want to get into details, but the scene where they consummated their marriage could have been a lot uglier, if you use your imagination. Is Sombra a villain for what he has done so far? Yes, he definitely is, and I will not try to justify his actions. I will only portray an explanation that illustrates an understanding as to why he is the way he is. I leave the judgement of his over all character up to you, the reader.

I would very much like to see another chapter out as soon as possible. Besides for 'magesty' which is actually spelled 'majesty' I have found nothing else wrong. You sir, have just earned a follower!

Now this is a great story. Truly Sombra is the pinnacle of Lawful Evil. Love how easily he dismissed Celestia. This story kind of reminds me of the nature of freedom vs security that most leaders struggle to deal with. Great start and hopefully we get to see more.

Nice reference too lord of the rings.

Moon Door

Hope to see more chapters soon

7640922 Agh! Dammit! You both beat me to it! :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, I loved this chapter and I'm happy to see the story return after so long. I liked how Sombra tried to comfort Fluttershy by being more gentle yet was ****blocked by his advisor. It was nice to see more of Sombra's servants, especially loved the bat pony brewer. Overall, I loved the interaction between Shy and Sombra as he acts kindly towards her while Shy deals between feelings of fear and liking.

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