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I am a 24 year old brony from FL. I write stories featuring Fluttershy (BEST PONY!!!), and a few about my favorite ships, 90% being Flimjack. I also have an MLP audio series on my YouTube channel.



Rated Teen for violence, and sexual or suggested themes!

Long before the reign of Celestia and Luna, a beautiful young mare, by the name of "Fluttershy," was on her way to her new job as a teacher at a veterinarian school in Trotsylvania. She soon finds herself in the care of the Countess de Shimmer and persued by the brother of the Countess, who has been locked away in his own home.

Not long after, a gentlecolt, Dr. Van Helstallion, comes into town, hearing of strange deaths. It is then that Van Helstallion meets Fluttershy, immediately befriending her. Now, Dr. Van Helstallion must do whatever it takes to protect the young maiden, as well as the rest of Trotsylvania, from a demon that has been causing all the recent deaths... especially due to the fact that all the victims have been young mares...

Based off of the 1960 horror film "The Brides of Dracula"

Cover art made by Evehly

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This looks like a really cool story. I like it so far.
:pinkiegasp: I just noticed this will be the first fanfic I have EVER read without ANY FLUTTERCORD whatsoever. Every fanfic I have read has at little bite of fluttercord. (If you cant tell... Fluttercord is my most favorite ship EVER!)
Anyways, cant wait for more of this amazing story

I'm quite excited for a story like this. I ship Sombra with practically every pony (don't ask why) and SombreShy has been a forefront. I eagerly await the next chapter :yay:
-Black Sun and White Mist

Hmm, I'll give this a go, Sombrashy is one of the few 'Shy ships I like haha

I think this chapter is amazing so far! Can't wait for the next chapter:yay:

Love this chapter! Can't wait to see how the story pans out in chapters to come.

I'm curious, I believe your setting up for Sombra to be Sunset's brother, so I'm just wondering how their related, by blood or adoption?

I love this chapter. The plot thickens with Sunset's secret brother. Hope to see more of this.

a mysterious stallion? hope we get to know more of him

Mystery Stallion? Check.

Sunny acting shift? Check.

Oh hai Starlight? Check.

I hope no one dies...

Jolly good storyline! I'm enjoying this!


This is the best thing ever....

U give Me inspiration *~*

I love the new cover art and I feel sad for Sunset's fate, although I feel happy that Starlight is shaping up to be the new antagonist.

I can't wait to see what happens to Fluttershy next.

Does Starlight love Sombra? :rainbowhuh:
Because I'm just waiting for Sombra to come back like she says but for Fluttershy, and Starlight gets really jealous. Or it could just be my imagination. :pinkiehappy:
Anyway I really liked this chapter, but Sunset's DEAD?! :pinkiegasp:

Sunset is DEAD?!


Sunset is dead?!:fluttercry: Starlight is going crazy! Now I want to give Fluttershy a hug

I got to say that I find the doctor to be quite the interesting character. Hope to see more of him and his future confrontation with Sombra.

6415902 We'll see a lot more of Helstallion as the story goes on

I WANT TO SEE SOMBRA!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

6416890 Did you not read the author's note, sammy?????

Dr vs Sombra - competing for Shy's love

This is gonna be good

6419526 Who said the doctor was gonna compete for Fluttershy's love????

While I was reading this chapter, I was listening this song in my head.

Also, I knew that someday Sugar Belle and Party Favor would be shipped.

This is better than the Twilight's movies.

6420210 Nobody, I just enjoy throwing out theories ^^

Please more chapter and...Totally gonna track this amazing story

Let's cross our fingers and hope nopony dies!:pinkiehappy:

Why?! Why Sunset?!:raritydespair:
Also, what the heck! Starlight's more mental than Sombra was claimed to be!:facehoof:

:pinkiegasp: Sunset's alive!!!
...And he's going after Fluttershy :fluttershysad:
So I'm just going to hope and assume Sunset will be good in the end... (please let her be good!) I have no hopes for Coco though with the way she was presented interacting with Sombra.
Really enjoyed the chapter, looking forward to the next! :twilightsmile:

I love this chapter and I'm surprised that Sunset returned as a vampire and that Sombra vampirized Coco. The poor Doctor really didn't catch a break in preventing Coco from resurrecting due to Starliht's interference. Hope he gets better. BTW, if the story is based on Dracula, then would Coco become one of Sombra's brides? If so, then it will be interesting. Hope to see the next chapter soon.

Fluttershy wasn't going to be safe long haha

Vampire slave Coco, poor girl has no chance.

Can't wait for the next chapter :D

6669267 oh, hahaha! Coco's not a bride of Sombra.

Sunset's a vampire?! Coco's a vampire?! What has happened to the world?!:twilightoops::pinkiegasp:

Whoa! I did not see that coming!

Anyone else have a Castlevania vibe?

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