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I'm a warrior of Flagclan, and I do not believe in killing (Part of my softness for people). Feel free to talk to me whenever. Thanks! :) {And I'm a girl. Peeps usually think I'm a boy}

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Five Nights At Freddy's Four: (Chapter 1) Night 1. · 7:04pm Apr 18th, 2015

Chapter One: Night 1

Roxy hid under her desk, her dark red hair covering her eyes from the scene outside her office window. Outside, two animatronics were sitting there, watching her hide. Faz smiled and pulled out his banjo.

“Let m-me in Roxy, I’ll play a song f-f-for you.”

“Go away!” She screamed back.

“L-let us in!” Said Freddy.

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Hey, thanks for adding Five Nights at Pinkie's to your favorites! :yay: Have a potato grown with Irish love. (::)


No thanks. I wanna write this story without an editor so it would be like a mark in my progress in writing, then maybe do editing to other stories.

Do you want me to edit again? I've been gone and haven't seen your new stuff but I'll check it out later.

anypony know what's goin on with flag?

A fellow Warriors fan?!:pinkiegasp:


I'll be following you for this!

1377222 I'm getting better. I only had a few mistakes in The Trotting Dead, and I never read over that chapter.

1377213 im starting to lose more and more faith in you

1377093 Feel free to doubt, I won't stop you. I usually make a lot of mistakes in my writing, but usually I try to read through it so then I can catch them. (Also my typing style causes a lot of mistakes.

wait so my editor spelt red as *read* in your announcement of the winner i'm suddenly doubting your skills

That's exactly the same with me! In my story fog, there was a bit of negative reception with the first chapter but improved as it went on. Keep up the good work and remember that description!

<3 Metric

1369857 I'm asking if you would like to send me a ml character that you made up. I will tell more details tomorrow. My Internet is really slow on my phone and the power is out. Sorry.

Got your Random Events message and I'm still not understanding what it means. Could you please dumb it down a bit?

1351022 Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm exploding with joy just thinking about it!!!!!!!

Hey, I made Twilight's side of the date! Hopefully, it's as good as the original! :pinkiesmile:

1350495 Sure thing. Thanks for saying thanks.:pinkiehappy:

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