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Stuff that I put effort into.

  • EI gave you my dreams
    Scootaloo has locked herself away from society for fear of bullying. If she's ever to be saved from herself, then somepony must go in. Education lacking behind and thoughts of negativity can't be good for the blue crusader.
    MetricOnion · 5.6k words  ·  17  4 · 708 views
  • TFog
    A nuclear war between Russia and Germany has left the German country in ruins. Small civilisations of dangerous ponies arose from the rubble. One mare and one stallion can only be pawns in the worldwide chess game called life.
    MetricOnion · 23k words  ·  5  9 · 365 views

Awesome Music List

Pioneer (The Band Perry)

Rude (MAGIC)

Scottish Referendum Mega Mix (Sky News)

What is my next project?

Writing more chapters for Fog so that I can actually entertain those that decided to follow me ages ago.

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1378703 Acknowledged, i'll keep my eye on him until they get smacked!

1377008 Don't trust him. He'll smack you in the eyes.

1376803 Ich habe nur die F├╝hrer da und er hat mich zum Lachen gebracht!

Comment posted by MetricOnion deleted Feb 9th, 2019
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To Do:

[X]: Write a short story
[ ]: Update Fog every Friday (GMT) [I've absolutely failed at this one!]
[ ]: Get a T-150 in World of Tanks
[X]: Get more than ten likes
[ ]: Get more than ten followers
[X]: Get more than ten favourites
[X]: Get more than forty views
[X]: Acknowledge that I'm an introvert
[ ]: Convert someone to the herd
[X]: Hide the dead body
[X]: Look at dat booty
[X]: Fire an Assault Rifle
[X]: Fire an Air Rifle
[X]: Don't write any more goals