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Hate is more lasting than dislike. Or, People like the Führer more than Fegelein. I do things by stealing others ideas. Sometimes.


Hey y'all.. · 12:47am Jul 3rd, 2014

Thanks for bein' some cool fuckin' people and shiz.. Whateva. Gotta go back to dah hood and fine me some frauleins.. Smoke Reich Everyday. Random azz wurds.. Random azz wurds.. Bullshit and stuff. Whateva, Whutevah. Fucking Fegelein. Gonna go be an asshole on ze internetzs. And Smak Rych Averdeiy. I have now successfully wrote the most pointless and shitty blog post.. Whateva. I'm a fuckin' idiot and shiz. Meh. Yeah sy'n iawn, cyfieithydd ass dwp ar gyfer y fuddugoliaeth. Rydych guys yn cael

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