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Things my mind produced

  • TIn time...
    This could very well save you from... him.
    Teq · 1.6k words  ·  13  1 · 400 views
  • TA Train to Equestria
    Amiens, Occupied France, December 1940. A famous French musician takes a train in a bid to escape to the land of Equestria. Funnily enough, the mare she ends up with has similar plans.
    Teq · 12k words  ·  17  1 · 749 views
  • ECogwheel's Field Studies
    Cogwheel isn't from Equestria. His race is not well known, and vice versa. His superiors are curious, so they have sent him to this strange land to learn and record his findings. What will he learn? How many mistakes will he make?
    Teq · 6k words · 248 views
  • TRevenge
    Many years after the First Equestrian Revolution, Equestria has descended back into chaos. Ponies have scattered across Equestria, towns lay in ruin and any attempt at a government is crushed before it begins.
    Teq · 119k words  ·  11  1 · 402 views
  • TKicked
    It's hard when you're alone. It's harder when you're alone and constantly picked on. Scootaloo's lost all faith in ponykind. A dark and troubled past drives her to the most extreme of measures.
    Teq · 43k words  ·  82  8 · 3k views

Things other people's minds have produced and I kinda like


So, what happens now? · 9:42pm Jul 17th, 2016

With my main attraction now rounded off after almost two years of procrastination, what am I doing with my life now? How am I occupying my free time, what am I doing to further entertain you guys?

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Really this section is just for general announcements that I can't be arsed to put up the page.

As of the moment there's nothing much happening. Here's a Spitfire to take up some space.

And join the STBFUWSCJ! I need a new acronym.

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1812731 Same. The number of stories I've given up on defies understanding. That's why I'm trying to adapt to new styles. So far that's not worked and the only stuff that does well for me is that which follows my own secret formula, but I'm gonna keep trying. Just experiment and maybe you'll find something that works, and works really well. Heck, one day you could be the next SS&E, just keep at it and don't stop for the life of you. Keep working at it and eventually you'll crack it.

Addition: And don't forget to re-read what you've already written and learn from it. Try not to replicate old mistakes, and pick up on good points. Or, you know, just use them to boost your own self worth. That's mostly what I do.


Hue. I actually have been doing the same formula for a year now (I think) and countless stories have been written that I have forgotten in the dust of time.


1812677 A lot of people I talk to have that problem. True, I'm prone to it myself. The way I deal with it is to just write shit. Quite frankly, it doesn't matter what I write to begin with because I can just go back and edit it later. Chances are I'll change it completely, but by that point the juices are flowing again and it's not too bad. Just write whatever you want to write and don't obsess over getting the perfect formula first time. Even if what you write doesn't make sense, you can always modify it later. That works for me anyway, maybe you could try it? Maybe it'll help.

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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