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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia moved in together a few months ago, and have been together even longer. Be that as it may, Octavia has never seen her lover without her trademark glasses, and she can't help but wonder why.

Now with a reading by Sojourner!
A/N: I'm hella stressed this week and just needed to write something cute to make me smile. Bestship, ho!

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I really want to know what they do with vinyl's mane.

I guess the last line was my favorite :scootangel: But that was cool story

I'm surprised that there wasn't a joke about how Octavia actually is a dark shade of grey and therefore, no problem there.

North #5 · Feb 7th, 2015 · · 5 ·

Come on, Octavia. If Vinyl is really color blind, she won't know what blue even is.:ajbemused:

D'awww! I love VinylTavi!

But, I've always wondered, what would their accents be? Vinyl I always imagine as an Aussie, but Octavia... Maybe English (British, not American) with barely a hint of Scottish, with how everyone has her use 'love' as a name for Vinyl.

It didn’t stop the question for consuming her

Should be "from consuming her."

how good this – ah ¬– feels

No idea what's going on with that double-dash.

Okay, time for me to increase the number of times I read through Vash's stuff during the proof reading process. I have no clue how I missed that one.

That double-dash though, I don't know what's going on with it either, because I just double checked, and it's not there in the original document. That being said, Vash fixed them. Still confused as to how that double-dash even happened, though.

Ok, I have no idea what's going on with the double-dash there either. It's not like that in the word doc I copy/pasted it from. Fixed that and the grammar issue though, thanks!

I never really had a headcanon for Vinyl's voice (except that one person who did some fan voicework for her years ago), so Aussie Vinyl absolutely accepted. For Tavi, I've always imagined an English accent, but a faked one - and when she gets really mad or excited she slips back into her real accent. A very, very thick Scottish accent.

Did you stop reading in the middle of the shampoo scene? There's nothing dirty going on at all. You ever had your hair washed by someone else? Seriously, it feels amazing.

I was gonna put one in there, but I thought the light sensitivity/radiant joke was cornier so I went with that, and didn't feel like I had a good place to put a grayscale Octavia joke in.


Not bad ^^

:yay: x1000

This was so fudging adorable. :twilightsmile: And that ending...so much laughs were had.


I've always imagined Vinyl as having a Brooklyn-ish accent. Not sure why.

Tavi...? Eh, I'd imagine a generic English accent. :rainbowlaugh:

AWWWWW!!! That was soooooo cute. I love VinylxOctavia:heart: also:

“It’s blue?”

that made my friggen day!

This is far too adorable and cute to be possible, yet it is!

If I wasn't watching you already, I would do so immediately.

I don't really understand the last line.

Even if Vinyl were to somehow get through her entire life without someone saying her mane is blue, which is rather ridiculous in and of itself, this revelation would mean nothing to her. Octavia might as well have said hot pink, and it would mean very little.

Vinyl can't see colors. She wouldn't even know what blue is. Even assuming she had never been told the name for the color of her mane, she'd likely just say "Oh, that's cool. Does it look okay?"

There was an awesome story that came out involving Vinyl being deaf, and now there's one where she's colorblind. I'm loving the originality coming out of Vinyl's character.

Hey there, allow me to try to clear up your confusion! You are completely right when you say it would mean very little, and that Vinyl wouldn't even know what blue is. Try rereading the last line with a tone of voice in mind that conveys "This information means nothing to me" with as much or as little sarcasm present as you would prefer. Both Vash and I likened her line at the end there to be similar to how Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender reacts when the other characters provide her with information that means nothing to her due to her blindness. With this in mind, whether or not this is the first time anyone has told her what color her mane is irrelevant. Hopefully this helped!

“It’s blue?”

I demand a sequel

5599070 Just have Vinyl ask Octavia what colour she acually was since she'd never actually seen before, or so she thinks, and then have her be suprised when Octi says that she actually has been seeing the same mare as everyone else.

It was kinda cute, though I've never been a fan of having couples where both are going, "No, I'm not good enough for you, you're the perfect one." Also, that ending is a bit odd. Not Vinyl's reaction to saying it's blue but the fact that Octavia wanted to do something about it. Ponies have a ton of different colors. Blue is neither odd or uncommon. Fancy Pants, Prince Shining Armor, and Soarin have blue manes too.

Absolute yes. I would work on the pacing a little bit, it's kinda fast-moving, but still pretty awesome.

“It’s blue?”


... this can't be the end? this fic is awesome, inspiring, perfect and such stuff now stop hiding it where is chapter two?


I bet Vash is hiding Chapter 2 from all of us.

We must...extract it from his mind. :pinkiecrazy:

Or wait like normal people and see if he makes a second chapter or a sequal.

5599070 I kinda think of Tavi as Welsh passing for a Londoner..

Then Vinyl says her mane used to be pink, and we get to watch them travel through an epic journey to discover if Vinyl's family was just screwing with her or if somepony magically changed her hair color.


The girl who voiced her years ago? You mean Nowacking? Nowacking is pretty much the accepted Vinyl Scratch voice actor for the fandom. She also does work with TeamFourStar's Takahata on Hellsing Abridged, as Seras Victoria.

5600762 but I prefer to imagine that the illuminati and NSA are hiding the second chapter. :pinkiecrazy:
.....or we could just wait and hope he writes a second chapter:derpytongue2:

5600157 Exactly. I read it in that 'Fake Scandalized' voice you see from upper-crust snobs being sarcastic. Although Scratch has always had a New York accent to me (so like something out of 'The Godfather'). Tavi gets the upper-crust English accent, dignified and always being pushed over her upturned nose, but not quite snobby.

I wasn't going to favorite, but then I read that last line. You get a favorite.

“What’s wrong with my mane?” Vinyl said defensively, pulling away enough to look Octavia in the eyes, but not far enough to leave her embrace.

“It’s bright blue, that’s what’s wrong with it,” Tavi said with a giggle.

“It’s blue?”

This bit right here just made the whole thing so worth it! Besides Tavi and Vinyl were the first ponies to get me into pony-fiction!

Yeah, both Vash and I are sitting here scratching our heads in confusion at how popular this story is. By the way, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that you're using the wrong welp there. Unless you are talking about a puppy, in which case totally the right whelp, if not a little confusing. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

All this time and Vinyl never even knew the color of her own mane.


Stories where "cute ponies do cute things" are, generally, pretty popular provided they're done well enough. :twilightsmile:

Thought the twist would be that Vinyl was upset she didn't even know what color Octavia was.

"Vinyl.... I'm grey"

Bestship, ho!

This is gonna be one of those fics. Lovely.

EDIT: Yeah, it was.

I think it would've been better if Vinyl was more sad over the fact that she didn't know what colour Octavia is.

Which leaves Octavia to calmly assert that Vinyl sees her exactly how the rest of the world does, dark grey and black. Vinyl then says that she is the most magnificent shade of grey that she has ever seen.

Good story and nice touch to it. A very nice quick read Thank you



That was a good filler of a few minutes. Not my usual type of story, but I certainly enjoyed it as a bit of something light to pass the time.

Now I'm in a strangely good mood.

“It’s blue?”


The ending puts me off a bit. Vinyl replying to her mane being blue couldn't happen, honestly.

If she's a black/grey/white colorblind, then she won't even know how the color blue looks.
If she was born that way, she'd never know.
If she wasn't born that way, she'd already know her mane was blue.

I agree with some of the comments I've read, though, that a twist would occur with Vinyl asking what coat and mane Octavia has, and then Octavia tells Vinyl that she sees her the exact same way as the rest of the world does.

Despite my physics rant, it's a great, although a bit short, story.

Hey there, allow me to direct you to a reply I made to someone earlier about this very subject. I shall link it below for your convenience. Just in case you're confused as to why some random person is replying, I'm a good friend of Vash's and in fact pre-read all of his stories, so I'm not just coming up with some crazy theory as to why Vinyl replied like that, but rather clarifying the tone of voice Vash was going for with that final line.

"it's blue?

First thing to pop into my head.

Cute and silly. Poor Vinyl and her lack of knowledge about her atrocious mane color. At least she knows now.

Pretty good.

Only one error I found. Octavia says that she cannot compose a piece of music, if that were true, then why is her cutie mark a treble clef? Treble clefs are used at the beginning of each line (I can't remember the proper term for that...) in music. It tells what notes are basically what notes. If she were to only play the chello, then her cutie mark wouldn't have been a treble clef.

5600100 can I have a link to that one? It intrigues me.

Meh, I really wish that this site had a five star rating system instead of this like/dislike thing. I would give this something around 2 or 3 stars. It might be because I'm not really fond of stories that aren't even 2k words long :P

5605360 Maybe she can sightread and 'hear' the music really, really fast?

5604013 She thought her mane was the same colour as the top traffic light.


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