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Dang, this is really cool. I liked the theme, but I'm sad that you didn't show more clearly the interior voice of Octavia later in the story.

Oh snap. This is pretty good bro.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is really well written, and I enjoyed Octavia's little evolution in character.

This is probably the only story I can relate to. Well written, good transition and a very good idea with the characters. Hats down to you.

Hell of a way to make a comeback.

Alright, everyone, get out your textbooks. Your vocab term of the day is "code switching."

Also, cool story.

And once again, bronydom has been gifted a masterfully crafted Ocatvia story.
This was brilliant.
I know quite a few Octi stories and they are all very good. But they all center around her 'classy' and 'shy' persona having become her second nature rather than them being a mask of meaningless indifference which she loathes to wear every second of her life.

Octavia is one of my most favoured characters. Narratively speaking she is very deep. She has tons and tons of potential which is masterfully shown in stories like this For Sonnets and Harmony and this The Gentle Nights - Audience Of One

You on the other hand have taken a completely different approach to her. She is far more self-confident in your story, far more sarcastic and the implications of her shutting everyone out is made painfully clear. Even more so, than in every other story I've read about her.
Your Tavi's beginning relationship with Vinyl already feels very natural in a sense no other did.

I like to see relationships as an complex equilibrium of giving and taking.
The usual formula to the Tavi-Scratch theme is Vinyl being the energetic one, the one who embraces life to the fullest, the one who is rude enough to kick Octavia out of her comfort zone while being observant and sensitive enough not to overdo it.
Tavi on the other hand is contributing little to that relationship, as she is either annoyed at Vinyl or doesn't understand her friends life-experience.
Granted there are instances where to click together, instances of when Tavi goes out of herself, finally freeing herself of the burdens of appearances and fulfilling the wishes of probably most readers to be herself, so we can enjoy a free a lighter Octavia.
However, those moments are short. The relationship seems somewhat one-sided.

Now back to your version. You on the other hand have created a far more mature version of Octavia. Or at least more mature in that regard that she can at least willingly switch modes. The advantage of your version is exactly what you have written in the description. They can be themselves around each other. And your little trick of having the well known Octavia be her public persona guarantees that your private and more freely interpreted version doesn't loose any of her believability. In fact, it makes her even more 'real'.
And the real Octavia is neither ignorant and haughty towards Vinyl, nor is she a weak persona, close to shattering from all the pressure high-society is putting on her. It is a strong personality that has come to her own conclusions about life and that depicts a more balanced polar opposite to Vinyl. I would love to see this setting explored further.

I hope you're planning to write sequels.

Fav'd, like'd and put into 'Outstandingly Good'

Post Scriptum: Narratively spoken your story was pretty much flawless. The pacing was good, and the mood and emotions were transported fluently. The only thing I have to point out is how the pacing has considerably sped up towards the end, which hurt the atmosphere of the dialog between Vinyl and Tavi a bit. Aside from that, it completely met the requirements to my 'Outstandingly Good' list.

Thank you :twilightsmile:

This was so flipping amazing. I really liked the voice in Octavia's head. I loved all the moments in this. This was seriously one of the best stories on here. :moustache:

Cool story bro.

no seriously another tavi scratch fic to add to the pile of reasons these two make such a good pair.

really good story bro :D

Yet another story where someone perfectly reenacts intrapersonal conflict via arguing with oneself.

Oh, and another Scratch and Tavi where both of them have unique character.

Please write more. The world needs more. I need more.

Sucks that this is a one-shot, doesn't it? Pweeez make more.:scootangel:

Do you hear that? :rainbowhuh:
I... I think it wants something... :applejackunsure:
Yes, it wants you to write more! :pinkiehappy:
It's getting angry!! :fluttershbad:
You'd better do what it wants.. :fluttershyouch:
OH GOD, IT'S GONE MAD! :raritydespair:

I put way more effort into this than I'm comfortable admitting to...

The way it's described.. how we change based on where we are, who we're with. It's so spot on. I appreciated this story and hope to see more of this sort of piece from you in the future. +watched

Hmm. Interesting. I love the cover art and the general plot, though I'm not sure how much I like your interpretation of Vinyl in particular. In some ways, I like how... unique it is, but in others, she feels a little off...

You managed to suprise me, it's quite a nice read you put together. Both Vinyl and Octavia feel very natural and gave me the impression of two extremly deep characters, who happened to have a great synergy.
A really great OctiScratch fic, I applaud you (and will fav the shit out of this fic ;) )

It's nice to see other sides of Vinyl and Octavia, this really was a great read.
+1 follower for you, keep up the good work!

Just what I needed today. A nice terrasora OctaScratch. (Even if it wasn't technically labeled as a shipping between the two.)

Meh. Cute short story. I'm not too hyped on a sequel, I can pretty much get a feel for whatever would happen next. One thing I don't like is a narrative that uses the whole, "Talking to myself as though its another character" thing. I feel like i'ts just a way to keep dialogue going. Which, I really don't like. My only beef really.

Oh...and the fact someone isn't pretty much outright saying Vinyl Scratch has Schizophrenia. The MPD route, I mean. But...whatever. Thanks for writing.


Vinyl's voice warbled from the sofa. "Miss Philharmonica?"
"Y-yes, Miss Scratch?"
"Will you bring me a bottle of water? I'd do it myself, but the sofa is spinning very very quickly."

The above portion was definitely my favorite part. It made me giggle.

The voices you gave to Octavia and Vinyl were perfect, and I loved Octavia's interaction with Lyra and her inner monologue. This story was very enjoyable. Well done!

Really cute!
Sequel? :D:D:D

DJ-P0N3 would make up some asinine nickname like... like Tavi or something, and that would be my name.

I completely failed to overlook what you did there. :trollestia:

"Fuck yeah I do!" said Vinyl loudly. "Rachmanitrott's piano concertos are the most sublime shit I've ever heard."


Octavia tossed the rest of the cookie into her mouth. "Of course I am. How often will I get to see DJ-P0n3 perform?"
You own most of her records, isn't that enough?
"Compared to a live performance?"
Fair point.

"And if somepony asked DJ-P0N3 if she listened to classical music, how would she respond?"
"Fuck yeah I do!" said Vinyl loudly. "Rachmanitrott's piano concertos are the most sublime shit I've ever heard."

Well. That was unexpected. I LOVE IT!

Awesome as always!!!

That was cute. :yay:
Now somepony write a romance of it! :rainbowlaugh:

Well written with an interesting dynamic between the two that I don't see enough. A quote I'd like to paraphrase:

"You're not just a rock musician or a classical musician. You're the same musician no matter where you go." -Bryce Dessner

Liked the dynamic between the two Octavias, so to speak. Really made the whole "Just be yourself" message resonate.

I fear I'll be repeating myself before long, but...all in all, just...really well done. Another author of quality to aspire to, you are.

Last story I read like this was some months ago. Upvote, fave and followw :twilightsmile:

ah my favorite ship... well even without the blatent shipping fuel i am prone to devour, you did a stellar job at writing all this out.

Good show :pinkiehappy:

I love this! I love the slice of life aspect of it, and how you executed it well without resorting to romance to keep it interesting!

I would love to see more SL non-romance stuff like this between these two. That was awesome.

This is one of the better interpretations of Vinyl Scratch that I've seen. You did a really good job with her. The only little nitpick I have of the story is this bit:

One with actual taste in music, thought Octavia.

"One with actual taste in music," muttered Octavia.

It broke the flow of the story to have that one line repeated and didn't make much sense that Octavia would first think the line and then say it verbatim like that. It would probably improve the story's flow if the thought part was removed and it was just something she said aloud.

Love Vinyl in this. Also I totally agree, rachmoninoff's Piano concertos are the shit. #2 has been my favorite piece of classical music since i first heard it, back in seventh grade.

"NEOOOOOOON!" shouted Vinyl Scratch, making a beeline towards Neon Lights. "LET'S SEE YA GRIT THOSE TEETH!"

Neon, The Paragon of Stallionness, the proceeded to pierce the heavens with his sick beats.
I'm not sure if this is a Gurran Lagann reference, but either way, I got super hype reading that.
Great story!

Different personalities that are all you? That is exactly how I've described myself before! I have many forms I take, all completely opposite, yet still me and not fake.

Well, as so many others have said, this was good. This version of Octavia is becoming a favourite and a Vinyl Scratch that "knows what she's doing" is always refreshing. Have a fav and a like.

Octavia has the best internal monologue.

Great story, I really enjoyed this take on these two characters, and even the bit we saw of Lyra, too.

5652527 Doesn't everyone?

5629957 You know a fic's legit when you see Skeeter in the comments.

I wrote a review of this story. It can be found here.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here. (sorry if this was posted twice)

Well this was a very interesting take on Octavia and Vinyl. Though this is a one shot, there is no doubt of a larger world and bigger story to be told. The openendedness was well done, leaving so much up to our own minds, yet still getting the point and theme of the fic across.

Very enjoyable read

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You don't have to apologie

You don't have to apologize


Only if you're American. That's perfectly accurate British spelling of the word.

5789165 Really? I never knew that. Thanks it's not often I learn something new about grammar.

I am reading this story bit by bit, now i'm in the part where Octavia talks to herself (most times i read one-shorts with more than 1.000 or 2.000 words bit by bit), and i'm already liking. And enjoying. I will probably comment when i finish reading all of it, but by now, i feel that i can somehow relate to that Octavia. Probably because i can't or i don't have te courage to voice what i think about people around me (like people from my school), and sometimes i can't say what i truly think or feel not even to my best friend. That's probably because i am a lonely person most of the time. I don't have many friends.

Okay. I need to get this out first.

*Deep breath, then fall to me knee* Please PLEASE PLEASE help me write a masterpiece like this! This was totally awesome, and the descriptions, dialog, atmosphere and all that jazz was superb!

*Coughs and gets up* Any way. I love what you did with this. And it's awesome to see Tavi being a big fan.

Damn, that was... Honestly suprisingly good. Not because I expected it to be bad, its just the subject matter; a lot of Octavia and Vinyl stories are rushed at best and still pretty general shitty. I really liked this story in big part for the charactrr development and the pace. Although i was honestly suprised when it ended, i thought it would have gone on much longer but that was probably just me being incapable of judging word count because i was so absorbed in the story. All in all it was an excellent story and even though this is the first of your stories I have read I can assure you it will most definitely not be the last; keep on trucking my friend as always, Stay Cla$$y :moustache:

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