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Princess Twilight Sparkle has always been quite the student, even before she earned the title of Princess. However, her new responsibilities require some new knowledge; an idea of what Equestria was, what the world was before Order was established and the Princesses came to power. The problem is finding somebody who can teach these things.

If only there was some ancient being who had been through everything, who had been alive before the time of Order, before Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon, before King Sombra ruled over the Crystal Empire. Perhaps someone from the Era of Chaos, when Discord Draconequus had reigned over everything... But where in Canterlot Castle would they ever find somebody like that?

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Interesting... well, headcannon. I'll be keeping up for updates to see if this goes anywhere new.

well this has been interesting XD cant wait to see more

It interests me, head cannon is fun, as long as it isn't rediculouse.

Comment posted by Seether00 deleted Aug 5th, 2013

Not at all. Feel free! :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be good. My head is going to hurt though, both from trying to understand all of what Discord is going to be saying in the future, along with all the face-palms that Discord's actions will invoke upon me.

Strangely, you headcanon it's like mine :derpytongue2:

Buth, from the Nothing, came back four entity: caos and order, good and evil.

Loved the bit about the Nothing

What's Twilight so grumpy about? You'd think she'd appreciate a teacher who can employ such effective visual aids.

This actually is a pretty cool thought, that he got is own little realm of chaos inside the castle.
I mean where is he now? He just disappeared in the series, after that one episode :applejackunsure:

Chaos really is a wonderful thing!
And this chapter too :ajsmug:

Star Trek... Star Wars... Doctor Who...

Discord and the Doctor would probably get along.

This is a great story. You write a great reformed Discord, still chaotic, actively trollish and somewhat callous but not evil as such. Quite a few stories jump right to him being all too well-behaved and showing remorse for everything, changing his character completely but you do him really well. And you keep up his constant little bits of chaos, which is very important when writing about him.

And your Twilight is great too. She sounds like herself and her wariness about Discord seems natural without her becoming unnaturally mean and unpleasant as it does sometimes.

And the events are really interesting.

On a side note, Discord's "she could be funny"-comment in respect to sarcasm is brilliant, as I'm pretty sure Discord would find a lot of Twilight's moments of sarcasm and other moods funny. It's just that he never sees her when she's not on edge because of him.

And HA, it's Discord's fault that Whooves is in all those stories. Well, Chaos' fault but his by extension. That's funny.

One thing, " She say I’m not responsible enough. " I think you meant "says" or "said".

Looking forward to the next chapter. Definitely faved. Happy writing.

very well done :pinkiehappy:

Another good chapter. You do well at not over-explaining everything, even in a narrative that is actually about explaining things. Of course, Discord being Discord, he's not likely to be perfectly clear anyway, but still.

One thing though:

"The draconequus shook his head. “Perhaps an example would be more effective.” Discord thought for a momen. He snapped his talons, lifting up three small spoons. He took the teapot in his mismatched claws, effortlessly making the spout stretch before levitating the kettle above the spoons. Discord tilted the teapot, and an impossible amount of tea fell from the spout, falling around the spoons, making contact with the floor and quickly disappearing.
“Say that these three spoons represent the history of our world. Nothing, Chaos, and Order. Harmony is the tea. It flows around this current time of Order in the same way it did when the world was Nothing.” Discord snapped again. The small aura levitating the spoons dropped. The spoons however, didn’t. “Harmony provides shape, Harmony provides support for this world. Harmony gave you and every unicorn and alicorn their magic. It gave pegasi the ability to fly and earth ponies the ability to grow. If Harmony ever disappeared.” The tea vanished and the spoons clattered to the floor. “Well, you get the idea.”

The descriptions in this is hard to follow for me. In particular, it took me a few moments to figure out that the spoons were floating and it is bad form to only mention the aura when it vanishes. Changing it up a bit, to for example "snapped his talons and three small spoons rose from the table, enveloped in a "color" glow." That would clear it up. Also, it sounds odd to me to say an aura drops, unless it literally lowers vertically. I suggest something like "vanish" or "fade". Also, if you mean that the tea keeps pouring all the way until "The tea vanished", I suggest putting in a note about it being an ongoing downpour of tea, it's not quite obvious. It's actually only as I write this that I understand what actually, physically happens in this part, so it is slightly unclear.

Still, good chapter.

That was exeptionally well written! well done.

By seeds I presume the ones from the Season 4 Episode 1/2 but other wise good chapter.

Surprise, indeed. I was most certainly not expecting an update.

Reading this in De Lancie's voice (At least until Celestia speaks) has the same eerie feel as Mad Max Roivas's autopsies in Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, only less manic...
It's pretty cool! :yay:

Well written...but at the same time, wat. :rainbowhuh:

Miles away in Ponyville, the multi-dimensional being known only as Pinkie Pie began millionth-sigh Party Preparation Plan #63005. However, upon noticing that attention had shifted onto her, she straightened up and pointed back in the direction of Canterlot Castle.

This is pretty much my opinion of Pinkie Pie too.

So Harmony is the force that makes things actually happen, and Disharmony does the same, but with a twist, sort of like how Discorded ponies are still ponies, still sane, usually, it's a strange twist on what they are usually like, interesting.

Wunderfull, beautyfull Chaos...
(Darn missing Discord emoticon)

Although I would have thought there would be some Mandelbrot patterns in there.

There was not time of Harmony as there was for Chaos or Order

"no time"?

Discord thought for a momen.


Interesting story.

I like the idea of schizo Nightmare-Luna wandering into the God of Chaos' stoned dream on a regular basis and not noticing it. I bet he learned quite a lot.

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