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A pony from a machine.


Discord, the Lord of Chaos and the Creator of a world that has twice imprisoned him in stone, can't get enough of his favourite little ponies. But why?

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I'll be honest; I have no idea if this story is very deep, or meaningless.

I have no critisism to give... I just enjoyed it, I guess?

Seriously, I don't know what to say.

I'll be honest; I have no idea if this story is very deep, or meaningless.

Why it couldn't be both? Depth is a matter of perspective.

I'm glad that you (maybe) enjoyed it, though!

Holey sheet... This was profound. This was amazing. I won't say it's the best thing ever, but I admit, it made me think.

It would seem that my train of thought has once again derailed itself upon the forsaken starscape of the Multiverse Theories and Sleeping Gods...

Each World is but a dream of another, and each Dreamer, a God Unknowing. This I think, might be one possibility of a Dreamer Who Wakes Up.

4015015 Thanks for the compliment! Is that some specific story/comic/movie/series you're referring to there?


No reference really, only that dreamer part was, which I've read ages ago on one Magic:the Gathering card. :rainbowlaugh:

Everything else there was A Product of my Twisted and Disturped Mind.


Creepyville, population: me and my stupidity induced nightmare fuel.

Author Interviewer

That was pretty brilliant. It's not often someone reimagines a character from the show in a unique and memorable way.

I'm glad that you liked it!

I have only read one other story where Discord created everything, and I'll just assume that these stories are somewhat common. Still, you pulled off the story with absolute greatness! You sir, have earned a like, a favorite, and a follow!

I have too many thoughts about this story to properly express (unless you want to read paragraphs and paragraphs until you slowly descend into a special type of madness.... :pinkiecrazy: ) I'll just sum up my review with the following words:
I liked it :twilightsmile:

4917341 That's all I needed to hear.

Well son of a bitch, three for three! Contemplative one-shots seem to be a specialty of yours. And how!

5284249 Weeell, I wouldn't quite call them a speciality of mine... Unfinished grand pieces seem to be my forte -- or at least they are what I keep on producing.

Thanks again!

Oh... now that was beautiful. Just that. :twilightsmile:

5936147 What? What?

5938356 :)
The whole story. Very nice concept and very atmospheric execution, the whole thing. I have nothing to criticize or be particularly excited about. Therefore the 'just that'. A satisfying read on all accounts :)

...Whoa. That was far more dramatic, far more imaginative, far more deep, than I was expecting...

...And it was marvelous. :twilightsmile:

My mind was absolutely blown by the sheer possibility, emotion, and wonder that practically radiated from the words. :rainbowderp: I don't have a clue how you managed to come up with such a unique portrayal of the way Discord oild have created Equestria. The mystery of whether or not there was any truth to Discord's story is almost haunting. I'm really just speechless. :pinkiegasp:

Nice idea and good execution, nice work.

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