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This story is a sequel to Equine, All Too Equine

In the city which has not seen an alicorn for a hundred years, a rumour spreads.

"Fifty bits and I'll get ya a bone of one. No? Okay, call it forty and I'll throw a free trinket on top."

The price varies along with the body part in question, but not enough so to make a bucketload of difference. However, there's also another rumour in the air. There's no words for it; no price; no haggling.

All there is to it is the burnt smell of a martyr's flesh.

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On one completely ordinary morning, Dash finds a human baby in the woods. What follows is a story about losing something which you never had in the first place.

Entry to The Most Dangerous Game 2.

The original story: My Little Dashie

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The story continues in The Days of the Prophets.

A hundred years has passed since the Catastrophe, which meant the end the alicorns’ era. Now their graves make for the seat of a new power: the Parliament of Equestria, where the “three stand as one, now as before and forever”. The motto of the Parliament, inscribed in stone for all to see.

Just wipe away the blood first.

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What is a sock to a pony? What is it really? Something special, something wonderous?


And yet, a quartet of them bothers Twilight on her birthday.

Sometimes, socks are what you have to make do while reaching for perfection.

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What happens when a force of nature becomes sentient?

Or finds out that somepony has been tampering with her laws?

It turns out that Harmony is a lot less equine than the ponies might think...

An entry to The Equestria Daily Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest

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A sequel to A Pegasus Is Fine, Too.

The love triangle of Dash, Shy, and Lane keeps on running smoothly. Only too smoothly.

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Prolegomena, or the beginning of all metaphysics; a plane where nothing certain can be stated, thought, or conceived. Canterlot has fallen. Twilight, along with some of her friends, has been exiled. Can they make sense of the madness that has befallen Equestria before it's too late?

Entry to Exiled Twilight Contest.

Picture by Saara Reinikainen.

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Discord, the Lord of Chaos and the Creator of a world that has twice imprisoned him in stone, can't get enough of his favourite little ponies. But why?

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Celestia and Discord swap places for a day. What can they learn from each other's lives, what can they learn from themselves?

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